2017.02.04 - 05:04PM
46: Chapter 46

I've come to the conclusion that John worries too much about what might or might not happen. He also needs to listen to Pete and make some "John" time.

Author's Response: He can lose focus on what is going on now, don't forget that he's doing this with 900 years of memories too and all the losses that the Doctor has endured

2017.01.30 - 09:59PM
45: Chapter 45

I knew, in the back of his mind, John wanted to divorce Rose after all that happened and I'm glad Pete and Jax approve. Jack is going to be so excited when John finally marries Sue and he and Michael get a new mommy.

Author's Response: I think the whole of the Tyler clan will be happy and excited to see John settled properly again with Sue.

2017.01.30 - 07:57PM
45: Chapter 45

I wonder if he thought of divorcing Rose because Jack asked Sue to be his Mummy?

Author's Response: I think he's been thinking about it for a long time, but Jack sparked him into action.

2017.01.29 - 10:15PM
44: Chapter 44

Uh, John, I think you got burned! XD And it was sweet for Jack to want Sue as a new mommy. And he's understanding there were times when Rose wasn't so scary.

Author's Response: It's important that both Michael and Jack are helped to remember that their mother was a good person and a good mum before she got sick. As they grow older they're going to need to know more and understand more about what happened.

2017.01.29 - 10:03PM
43: Chapter 43

I agree. Even though he isn't John's dad, Pete needs to act like it sometimes. Maybe Jackie can also act like his mom, too.

Author's Response: I think Jax has got the mothering bit down to a tee!

2017.01.29 - 06:54PM
44: Chapter 44

was Jack hinting that John is a rubbish cook. ;)

Author's Response: I think that's exactly what Jack was hinting at, lol

2017.01.29 - 06:53PM
43: Chapter 43

I know Pete's John's father-in-law, but it would be nice if he could be his dad sometimes as like Sue said, John doesn't have a dad. Pete would be the closest thing to a dad.

Author's Response: Yeah, I think John needs that guidance and support that Pete could give him more than either of them really know, it's not the big and spectacular things that John struggles with most it's the little things.

2017.01.17 - 09:46PM
42: Chapter 42

Dave may be banned from Torchwood if he does anything like that again. And I am glad John and the Doctor talked. Hope the Doctor talks to Michael about what's going on. Poor little guy's going to be confused.

Author's Response: Because Michael isn't particularly chatty it is hard to know how much of an understanding he has, he has a definite empathy with people though so he's going to know something is wrong.

2017.01.17 - 08:22PM
42: Chapter 42

again with the polar bears! I'm glad John and the Doctor got to have a chat. and Sue has banned Dave from the infirmary

Author's Response: Yeah, he seems to have developed somewhat of an obsession with polar bears!

2017.01.16 - 09:54PM
41: Chapter 41

Sneaky Doctor. But could something have tainted the DNA of the hand? Who knows what the Master had done when he had it.

Author's Response: I'm fairly sure that John would have realised by now if the Master had done something to his hand, he's been 'wearing' it for almost a decade.

2017.01.16 - 07:13PM
41: Chapter 41

Sneaky alien ;)

Author's Response: Yup

2017.01.15 - 09:20PM
40: Chapter 40

He's back to the bow ties?! Oh well! And he's being naughty for not using the crutches. :)

Author's Response: He was being a bit naughty when he went to crutches without being allowed never mind going without, at least he's feeling up to it!

2017.01.15 - 09:15PM
39: Chapter 39

Dave is in deep doo-doo when Harriet finds out he didn't let John call the Doctor. And I was sort of right about what happened to Jack. I hope the Doctor's right and he'll grow out of it.

Author's Response: Maybe John will be in deep doo-doo with Harriet for not respecting the rules that are in place when special provision have been made for him to attend. Hopefully it will have a good outcome for Jack

2017.01.15 - 08:37PM
40: Chapter 40

Him and his bow-tie! I'm surprised he's not mentioned fezzes and fish fingers and custard, LOL! I bet Jack would love fish fingers and custard

Author's Response: Yeah, the bow tie lol, got to keep on putting that in so I remember that I am trying to write 11 rather than 10, fail miserably at that which is why this is now a John-centric story lol, will be much happier when back to 10 stories!

2017.01.15 - 08:27PM
39: Chapter 39

That security guard is a heartless idiot!

Author's Response: Ah, he's got a job to do, it's not about being heartless it's about being told that he can't allow him to have his phone on the premises, I can actually sympathise a bit with the security guard, we have all kinds of visitors coming into our centre and some of them have to leave their phones, car keys, lighters etc in a locker and can't bring them in - and much like the security guard our staff face daily arguments over it.