2017.03.05 - 06:40PM
55: Chapter 55

John's pepped up in a hurry

Author's Response: Yeah, he's had a much needed kick!

2017.03.04 - 08:22PM
53: Chapter 53

Eleven can be so stubborn!

Author's Response: He's the Doctor

2017.03.04 - 08:08PM
52: Chapter 52

Hmm! Hard and Fast?

Do I sense an innuendo here? ;)

Author's Response: None intended, lol

2017.02.20 - 08:05PM
51: Chapter 51

I am absolutely thrilled that you have returned to this universe. I love your whole creation here. It is beautiful. I love your hurt/comfort plot lines and everything. I'm not very good at commenting on every chapter, so I'll just post one big thing here while waiting for you to update.

I am really excited about the next chapter and hope it comes out soon. What a shock John will get from the Doctor! I hope everyone won't be too angry with the Doctor. And I hope nothing goes wrong. I also hope that Captain Jack and the Doctor will make amends with each other and heal. I don't ship 11th Doctor and Jack, but the way you have written them has made me love them as a couple. A part of me wants them to heal and another part of me says that this would be a perfect time to jump into season 5's plot line.

Which, by the way I really would love to see how you would write out the rest of seasons 5,6,7,8 with all of your AU changes. How would John react to learn about everything we've learned from the 50th anniversity? Or if John and his family met the 12th Doctor? The interactions with the other characters and companions. Meeting Missy? To imagine the Doctor going through all of these events, not entirely alone, but John just a phone call away?

These are the things I think about when waiting for you to update. Again, happy to see you posting and looking forward to the next chapters.

Author's Response: I don't seem to have much time for writing any more which is why the chapters come up so slowly, so sorry about that! Work is mad and am on a much needed health kick so spending time at the gym and swimming rather than finishing the day behind a desk at work to get behind another one at home!

I'm glad that you still enjoy the TD universe, I was worried I'd left it so long that no one apart from me would be bothered about what is going on there anymore.

I am rubbish at writing Eleven, I'm definitely a ten-girl lol, I think the Doctor is going to have some explaining to do when he wakes up after giving John the energy.

Hopefully Jack and the Doctor will be able to heal and make amends. Missy and 12 are not currently plans for this, but would be interesting. Missy might be fun to write. I'm not really a fan of 12 though waiting for the new series to air with baited breath!

2017.02.13 - 06:05AM
51: Chapter 51

Yeah Donna!

Author's Response: If there is one thing that can get through to Squirt it's the Earthgirl

2017.02.12 - 09:26PM
51: Chapter 51

Yep, Donna knows how to calm John down. Just hope he says sorry to the jerk security guard.

Author's Response: I'm not sure John is going to have time to take a breath never mind say sorry!

2017.02.06 - 09:34PM
50: Chapter 50

Yes, Donna knows how to handle grumpy and out of sorts Time Lords and half Time Lords. :)

Author's Response: She's got him under wraps

2017.02.06 - 06:54PM
50: Chapter 50

Aha! Ryan knew what to do, call Donna!

Author's Response: Yeah, the secret weapon

2017.02.05 - 10:10PM
49: Chapter 49

Oh boy! John is totally losing it!

Author's Response: He's having a bad day

2017.02.05 - 06:04PM
49: Chapter 49

John's having a melt-down. so much for the Doctor and Sue's plan to give John the energy. (I think John is getting "fast")

Author's Response: Yeah, he is, it's not surprising when you think of all the things he's trying to deal with

2017.02.05 - 12:30PM
48: Chapter 48

Oh boy. Sounds like John is having a break down.

Author's Response: He's definitely not a happy bunny at the moment

2017.02.05 - 12:12PM
47: Chapter 47

I agree that Ryan shouldn't mix up Time Lord anatomy and human on the exam. That would be bad.

Author's Response: It would certainly raise some questions with the exam board wouldn't it?

2017.02.05 - 10:25AM
48: Chapter 48

Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed and it wasn't Oscar.

Author's Response: No, it wasn't Oscar, John needs to get his behaviour and attitude into check again before he ends up doing or saying something he can't easily take back.

2017.02.05 - 10:13AM
47: Chapter 47

oops! They didn't think about John having an appointment at the same time as the Doctor's surgery.

Author's Response: John made the appointment deliberately at the same time so he'd not have to just sit and wait for the surgery to finish on his own, but it's kind of back fired a bit as he expected a coffee and a chat and Oscar wanted to make the most of having a proper appointment.

2017.02.04 - 09:46PM
46: Chapter 46

Yep, he needs some John time. I wonder if the Doctor needs some Doctor time, too.

Author's Response: Everyone needs some 'me' time every now and then don't they?