2017.04.21 - 11:43AM
63: Chapter 63

I enjoy very much your stories, particularly the TD universe, a great creation, quite a world! I hope you keep on writing "Little green monsters" and I thank you for the pleasure you give to yours readers.

Author's Response: Thank you, glad that you're enjoying, and thank you for taking the time to review. The TD Universe is a monster that won't stay still, lol, it was certainly never intended, but it's got a life of it's own.

2017.03.24 - 04:41AM
63: Chapter 63

Pitty Tom isn't there! I bet Martha is missing her devilishly handsome husband like hell. Haha!! Love every chapter.

Author's Response: Glad that you're enjoying. I'm sure Martha does miss him when he's away.

2017.03.20 - 07:20PM
62: Chapter 62

John is still worrying about his sons? They are fine, he's doing a great job of raising them even with all he's been through.

Author's Response: He carries the weight of that responsibility more than any other.

2017.03.19 - 07:04PM
61: Chapter 61

Organization! that's what he needs!

Author's Response: He does need some kind of structure to make sure he can fit everything in.

2017.03.18 - 11:23AM
60: Chapter 60

Sounds like a sensible plan. hope someone calls Sue in the other universe to let everyone there know.

Author's Response: Hopefully things will work out okay and John will get home and back to Sue in one piece

2017.03.17 - 07:20PM
59: Chapter 59

Hmm! Another Jack insinuating that John can't cook.

Author's Response: Yeah, think there is a common theme there.

2017.03.13 - 03:37PM
58: Chapter 58

Captain Jack needed some sense kicked into him and John was the one to do it!

Author's Response: I think Jack ended up giving John a good kicking as well by the time they were both really at it.

2017.03.13 - 02:29AM
40: Chapter 40

I like your 11 better than the one on TV. Of course they are different, they come from totally different places but yours is less just extra crazy.

Author's Response: I can't write 11, lol

2017.03.13 - 02:19AM
57: Chapter 57

I bet the TARDIS is loving this. He could have opened the doors with a snap of his fingers. John in the TARDIS next stop everywhere. Taking things closer to how they should be. VWORP VWORP VWORP!

Author's Response: I was thinking about him just snapping his fingers, but kind of prefer that he ransacked the Doctor's bedroom for the key

2017.03.13 - 01:55AM
58: Chapter 58

Well, that was a little unconventional (and bit dangerous) but hey maybe it was what he needed.

Author's Response: I think John probably needed it more than Jack may have done, but at least it's got a reaction from the Captain which is more than anything else has.

2017.03.10 - 07:55PM
57: Chapter 57

when reading this all I could think of was Ten!

Author's Response: Yeah, I think John on an energy high is much more like Ten than his usual more tempered self

2017.03.10 - 06:56PM
57: Chapter 57

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Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed x

2017.03.09 - 09:10AM
42: Chapter 42

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Author's Response: Yeah, that other guy, the one who had so much promise and then fell flat??? Regeneration is fascinating and it is always just something that 'happens' and everyone is just supposed to accept that it just 'happens'.

2017.03.09 - 08:53AM
56: Chapter 56

Oh, I really hope he doesn't frighten Jack and Michael they have probably never seen him act like this.

Author's Response: I expect that Jack would find it hilariously funny, but Michael might be a bit more wary about him.

2017.03.07 - 02:11PM
56: Chapter 56

I have a feeling John is going to crash spectacularly from this energy rush.

Author's Response: Hopefully he will settle out and remain energetic rather than crash out into being tired and bad tempered again.