2017.08.28 - 12:52AM
114: Chapter 114

Oh dear! That went down like a ton of bricks.

Author's Response: It didn't go down too well, but then tact isn't exactly one of the Doctor's strong points is it?

2017.08.27 - 06:57PM
114: Chapter 114

Do I get a feeling that Sue dislikes the Doctor? Or is it that the truth is something she cannot accept or understand and she resents it that what the Doctor is saying is what John has been trying to convey all along.

They need to let John be John, and only John kno9ws what he or is not comfortable with. Sue should stop blaming the Doctor or anyone else for the predicament John is in now. She should have a good long look at herself and her own behavior.

If she truly loves John, than she should trust that he knows what he is doing. As for her hard feelings for the Doctor, she should get over it and her prejudices.

By the way, as John knows what he is feeling, so too does the Doctor.

Author's Response: I think the problem that Sue has is that John hasn't been saying anything all along has he? She's been trying to help John the best she can, yet see it from her point of view.

Just in the last few days the Doctor has blasted John with energy without any discussion causing Sue to panic about John screaming and glowing on the floor.

John has come round from that and immediately run off, stealing her car, and then going off in the TARDIS - running away from Sue and not toward her.

John has been on the phone and blatantly lied to her about something as personal as having an energised date night.

John has come back seriously injured from the other universe but not wanted to come home.

John has put her medical ethics in question by checking she'd not operated on his knee and re-sited ligaments - something he trashed Oscar's office about because he didn't want to talk about it, and she's found out that he happily talked to Martha about it.

The Doctor has freaked out at the sight of a Chulan and threatened her and Captain Jack with a lamp.

The Doctor has cut his own plaster cast off before she's had a chance to check on his leg.

The Doctor has basically and tactlessly told her that she's been treating John wrong for the last ten years.

She's got a hospital full of Chulans and they don't know yet if any of them aren't refugees but still knights.

I don't think she's pissed with the Doctor because she's prejudiced, she's pissed with the Doctor and with John because they're undermining her, have basically no regard for what she is dealing with, and she's been trying her hardest for John and it's being made clear to her that no matter what he has done that John is all for Donna and the Doctor.

I think Sue is feeling personally pushed out and disregarded by the Doctor, John, Donna, and possibly Martha at the same time as the same people are expecting her just to step up and treat all those Chulans with very little notice and without the experience or knowledge to do it.

I am not surprised she is being off at the moment, she's been putting up with them for months as the Doctor has been hurt. She's just reached her limit of it with John now being hurt and all those Chulans and she in many ways she is right.

2017.08.27 - 01:21PM
113: Chapter 113

Sue needs to take up lessons in Time Lord resilience.
Also she needs to see the Doctor as Donna and others see him, he get's put down but he tends to get right back up again. she shouldn't be worried about the Doctor having a panic attack when he is fully aware of his surroundings and realizes there are injured children that need his attention.

Author's Response: I think Sue has got more sense than to just accept on face value the 'I'm all right' attitude of the Doctor because she does know how often John does that. I am sure the Doctor will help, but do you really think that he's just going to get over it like that?

2017.08.27 - 07:51AM
113: Chapter 113

Can you imagine Sue travelling with the Doctor? Sometimes I think she knows nothing about what the Doctor (and John) is like when he's out and about. Maybe it would be good for her to see the beauty of the univers and what a kind man the Doctor is to understand John better. They would drive eachother crazy!

Author's Response: Sue never really has seen the Doctor or John in those situations. She went to Appalansi in TD and that was a disaster as the Doctor ended up regenerating. Sue only gets properly involved in their activities when it goes wrong and they end up sick or hurt. I think she's in a really hard situation at the moment.

2017.08.24 - 07:29PM
112: Chapter 112

It's not the Chulans he needs to worry about because Sue is on the war-path

Author's Response: Sue is definitely on the warpath!

2017.08.23 - 10:51PM
111: Chapter 111

I liked the way Donna handled the Doctor.

Author's Response: Yeah, Donna is cool, ignore the lamp, ignore the threats, give him a hug and have a cup of tea... that will always work

2017.08.23 - 10:43PM
110: Chapter 110

PTSD, this is going to take a while to unravel.

Author's Response: He's not a particularly happy Time Lord at the moment, he needs a chance to think and to wake up properly and to sleep.

2017.08.23 - 10:34PM
109: Chapter 109

Do I detect a bit of Xenophobia on the part of the Doctor?
Well. it's understandable after what he was tortured by the Chulans, but it was only a comparatively small portion of the species. The Doctor can't be condemning the entire race?

Author's Response: I'm not sure it would qualify as xenophobia. He's just woken up from a healing sleep and he's surrounded by the people who tortured him. If he comments that he doesn't want to see another dalek is that a xenophobic comment or is it just him expressing a rare fear and distrust.

2017.08.23 - 08:38PM
111: Chapter 111

Woow! Thanks for the updates! Now it's time for John and Sue. :)

Author's Response: Yeah, had a rare day where I could type a load up in one go lol, was drip feeding them a chapter at a time, but the last few chapters all seemed to link together so you go them in one go

2017.08.23 - 03:11PM
108: Chapter 108

One couple talking! now for Sue and John

Author's Response: Yep, things on the up for John and the Doctor, unfortunately it looks like things are going to go from bad to worse for Sue and John.

2017.08.23 - 01:17PM
108: Chapter 108

Yeeees, the Doctor and Jack finally talking, they were breaking my heart being so angsty and separated. And poor John ! You love torturing him don't you ? This is such a good story and I'm so happy when I see an update in my e-mails

Author's Response: Glad that you're enjoying and still reading, John is like Ten - he's so easy to hurt! Jack and the Doctor have a few things to work through yet and now there is Kerani to think about as well.

2017.08.23 - 12:24PM
108: Chapter 108

Finally they are talking. I just hope they can work past what happened as they belong together.

Author's Response: I am sure they will come round being surrounded by Chulans may not help matters though.

2017.08.22 - 05:50PM
107: Chapter 107

Something tells me Pete's not the only one John has to convince these Chulan refugees mean no harm.

Poor Doctor!

Author's Response: No one thought what it would do to the Doctor to wake up in a room with Chulans, to say it's put him off guard is an understatement, but when he's awake and more recovered from his healing sleep hopefully he'll be better placed to rationalise it.

2017.08.21 - 02:35PM
106: Chapter 106

Hey! I'm not complaining, I know you have your own things to do apart of writing this. :) And regarding your arm... Maybe you do need to give John a break. LOL!!!! Love your stories :)

Author's Response: Glad you enjoy the stories, problem with TD is that not sure it's ever going to end!! There is so much more to tell! Loads of other stories on the go as well, the life getting in the way is the thing that is most annoying!

2017.08.20 - 08:29PM
106: Chapter 106

Yes! We need that "conversation" between John and Sue.

It's sooo frustrating to be up to date with the story and have to wait for the next chapter... But life happens, keep on the good work!

Author's Response: Sorry about the wait. Struggle to find the time to do anything at the moment with work etc. Gone are the days when I worked shifts so I could type up several chapters at a time and give you one a day, sorry.

Also hasn't helped that somewhere somehow there has been some fiction/writer karma in that within a few weeks of breaking John's thumb I broke my own!! Going to have to be more careful about what I keep doing to these people if life is going to follow!!! Maybe they should all win the lottery, move to the country, and be a writer full time?