2017.09.10 - 03:33PM
124: Chapter 124

see why I like Donna?

Author's Response: Donna isn't afraid to tell anyone of them if they are wrong whether it is Jack, the Doctor, Sue, or John, and she will defend them to their dying death, but I'm not sure how ready Sue or John are to hear that they are being wrong and they may just take her well meaning input as interference.

2017.09.10 - 03:22PM
123: Chapter 123

Really, you can cut the tension with a knife.

Author's Response: They're not in a good place are they?

2017.09.10 - 02:51PM
120: Chapter 120

Everyone is talking AT each other rather than TO each other and nobody is listening or saying anything. Everyone needs to set down and discuss whatever the problems they have are. Especially now when there seems to be a threat to them and to their world. Case in point, that Chulan man who had just died. not to mention that lowlife who injured the Doctor.

Author's Response: They are all so involved in everything that is concerning them whether it is the security, the medical, their own injuries etc that it is all impacting on their ability to rationalise what is going on between them.

2017.09.10 - 02:32PM
119: Chapter 119

Looks like everybody from the Doctor to Sue and the Chulans are going to have a rough time of it.

Author's Response: It's not the romantic and easy relocation of the oppressed that John was imagining.

2017.09.10 - 02:21PM
118: Chapter 118

Some of these sickos still around, eh?

Author's Response: Yeah, it appears that there are a few that have made the trip with them ready to cause problems.

2017.09.06 - 07:09AM
124: Chapter 124

Welly would be so proud of him! "The Doctor can do sit too! What a good boy!!!"

Author's Response: Donna has him under control, next he'll be up and begging!

2017.09.05 - 06:08AM
123: Chapter 123

They should really test the water and air, they are all behaving strangely. Maybe they could lure John and Sue into the TARDIS, store a garden Room with all they could need, get cover for the hospital and give them a holiday in there.

Author's Response: They need to do something before it reaches an irretrievable point.

2017.09.05 - 05:49AM
122: Chapter 122

I guess they wouldn't want to but maybe John and Sue should talk to Dr Gladstone. And Jack and the Doctor, too. That's even less likely.

Author's Response: I'm not sure, the way things are it might be Jack and the Doctor more willing to be open about things that John is he's being a proper grumpy arse about everything.

2017.09.04 - 01:35PM
123: Chapter 123

If they don't really talk, everything will explode in their faces. :(

Author's Response: It looks like that is the way they are heading, but if they do that maybe there will be some things in the open that otherwise wouldn't be.

2017.09.02 - 05:09PM
120: Chapter 120

Maybe John should head-butt Sue (gently!) and show her what he talked about with Donna and Martha, that he's signed the divorce papers and that it was actually Donna's idea that he should stay for a couple of weeks to get a break.

Author's Response: Lol, reckon that even an attempted gentle headbutt would end up in disaster John would probably either break Sue's nose or his own! He does need to start talking up for himself a bit. He's just getting more and more grumpy about it rather than actually speaking up.

2017.09.01 - 06:47AM
119: Chapter 119

Oh dear! Maybe they could try to find the thief who took the nanogenes and Senya and mold them into new kinder leaders for this group. First they'd have to become a group though. They seem to be just a collection of people that can't even rise against a common enemy

Author's Response: They've been beaten into submission as a collective now they literally don't know how to stand up for themselves.

2017.08.31 - 07:20PM
118: Chapter 118

What a horrible man! But hey, more work for the judoon. Oh and guys, tell your new friends if there are three people hiding that you don't trust.

Author's Response: The Chulans not helping themselves is going to be a growing frustration amongst everyone. They need to start figuring out how to function outside the influence of the High Priestess but they've been institutionalised in the highest degree, they may not be able to operate without it now.

2017.08.30 - 04:46AM
115: Chapter 115

What are they going to do with Kerani? Ryan,Luke , Jack and even Michael wouldn't mind hanging out with him, but he would stand out so much. They could get him a shimmer, like those cactus people had.

Author's Response: Kerani is going to pose a problem if he remains on Earth with Jack. Hopefully he's not going to be a problem between Jack and the Doctor.

2017.08.30 - 04:34AM
116: Chapter 116

Oh I hope the shadow proclamation throws the high priestess in the deepest dungeon and a judoon accidentally swallows the key.

Author's Response: Thinking a remote penal colony - like the one Kirk and McCoy got thrown into in Undiscovered Country

2017.08.30 - 04:25AM
117: Chapter 117

It almost sounds like delayed biological warfare. Infect somebody with nanogerms but keep them relatively inactive, when they leave your sphere of influence they nanogerms become active killing the carrier and everybody helping them. It's really sick. Or maybe it's just a broken nanobot, but then you wouldn't let that savage your prisoners if there is the tiniest risk of infecting the whole population.

Author's Response: It's definitely deliberate but they'd not risk it infecting them so it has to be containable somehow.