2017.10.14 - 12:31PM
141: Chapter 141

Pity! I'm shure you would have described him purging from the other end really well. And with a lot of dignity! Have a really nice weekend!

Author's Response: I was contemplating having a 'full purge' but think he is embarrassed enough!

2017.10.14 - 10:12AM
140: Chapter 140

Can someone say "Caecillius"
Cause that's who he'll look like soon.

Author's Response: It would be interesting for Donna to meet the Twelfth Doctor, and John

2017.10.13 - 06:43PM
139: Chapter 139

Next thing we know, they'll be greeting a fiftyish, white-haired man with a Scottish accent and a temper.

Author's Response: It is starting to look that way isn't it? I've never tried to write Twelve.

2017.10.07 - 12:02PM
138: Chapter 138

Hope that wasn't Ryan who got shot!

Author's Response: Hopefully it will only be the Chulan that was causing trouble.

2017.10.06 - 08:44AM
137: Chapter 137

Awe! That's just mean, LOL!
Saving an embarrassing picture to show to a future girlfriend of Jack! but it's cute!

Author's Response: I am sure John will have a collection of them by the time Jack comes of age lol

2017.10.03 - 07:58PM
136: Chapter 136

World War II not World War I

Author's Response: Not sure what happened that time, changed it

2017.09.30 - 10:28PM
135: Chapter 135

I hope they can really talk and John tells Sue why he run home. :)

Author's Response: They are both being too stubborn to talk at the moment.

2017.09.30 - 03:08PM
134: Chapter 134

I think John and Sue should have a long, serious talk without any outside interference or third party input.

Author's Response: They need to be given the chance, but not sure it is going to come any time soon.

2017.09.30 - 02:54PM
133: Chapter 133

John's in a bad temper

Author's Response: He's not particularly happy is he?

2017.09.29 - 11:43AM
132: Chapter 132

Sue left the mansion. that don't sound too good.

Author's Response: Things don't seem to be getting any better for John and Sue, but maybe it is something that needs to be done so they can get things straight outside the relationship.

2017.09.27 - 05:43PM
131: Chapter 131

There's a scene worth a picture! The Captain and Michael playing catch.

Love how John and the Doctor explained to Jack about the Captain's behavior by comparing the incident with what happened when Jack got "fast" and he was scared by a nightmare.

Author's Response: Better Jack sees it as the Captain getting fast rather than when his mother got sick.

2017.09.26 - 07:30PM
130: Chapter 130

I don't think Jack likes the Captain very much right now.

Author's Response: He's confused. The last thing he knows is that Captain Jack went to the other universe because he attacked his Uncle Doctor, he knows that but no one has really talked to him about it so he doesn't understand, especially when he's got the experience he has with his mother, it doesn't make much sense in a six year old's mind.

2017.09.22 - 10:43PM
127: Chapter 127

I can see certain prejudices will be difficult to overcome judging by the reactions of the adult Chulan and others.

Author's Response: There are a lot of things that are going to need to be addressed and worked out before everything settles.

2017.09.10 - 03:53PM
126: Chapter 126

I would get very angry too, when I see children left alone to fend for themselves, or hurt or hungry.

Author's Response: Yeah, they at least are innocent in everything that is happening.

2017.09.10 - 03:42PM
125: Chapter 125

So they are treating John just like any other patient? Sue must be really disappointed and angry with him.

Author's Response: She is, but to be fair as well with all the other patients including some that are critical they don't really have the time to be indulging him beyond what they should be within the hospital environment.

Author's Response: That will be one of the reasons why Sue is handing his care to Neil more and more because she can't do that.