2020.07.07 - 12:22PM
183: Chapter 183

I agree with John. They should all spend time with their families. It's just as important as the work they are doing.

Author's Response: Yeah, they have to find a balance. I think John is beginning to realise that as well, in that he has to find a balance where he can do his work, do his lecturing, and play the piano and do all the things that make him John as well as being a father to the boys.

2020.07.06 - 10:24AM
182: Chapter 182

Normality is a relative term methinks!

Author's Response: Yeah, the range for normal in the TD universe tends to be a little bit off, but at least it's what they're used to and how things run more smoothly, and, normal? Well, normal is boring!

2020.07.05 - 11:12PM
181: Chapter 181

Poor John. He just canít catch a break!

Author's Response: It's another thing to worry about, but at least they've found it early enough that it's not causing massive issues even if it is responsible for the manner in which he broke his leg back in the other universe. Hopefully everything is not coming together to conspire to making things easier for John rather than harder. Who knows? I'd say I did - but then I never do really - and the chulans turning up at the other Torchwood were as much a surprise to me as they were to John and the Doctor!

2020.07.05 - 06:46PM
181: Chapter 181

It's 5:00 somewhere! ;)

Author's Response: It is, but life with John and with the Doctor and Captain Jack thrown into the mix means that time has little significance - a point that Greg will make the most of when it comes to having a beer. I doubt they'll be having a full on session, but a beer in the afternoon does no harm does it?

Author's Response: It is, but life with John and with the Doctor and Captain Jack thrown into the mix means that time has little significance - a point that Greg will make the most of when it comes to having a beer. I doubt they'll be having a full on session, but a beer in the afternoon does no harm does it?

2020.07.04 - 11:06PM
180: Chapter 180

I'm so glad that you're back! I was worried that maybe something had happened. I'm so happy. Yay!

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm back. No major excuses for being away for so long either - sorry. New job which has normal grown up hours of 8-6 mon-fri - good job but what is with normal working hours? I don't know how people do it! Covid has actually given me a chance to go on nights for a few months so making the most of that. Been working on an original series as well, but that has kind of run dry a little and want to get the first four or five books ready before do anything too daring like put it on Amazon. And got a few hand written Ten epics gathering dust on bookshelves (or in piles around bedroom, down shed and so on). It is nice to be back on here though and to 'see' you guys again - which probably seems a really daft thing to say, but it is nice anyway. Take care Kx

2020.07.04 - 08:27PM
180: Chapter 180

Zoe made a mistake, but that's not going to ruin her relationship with John or the team. Even Simon is accepting her back into the team

Author's Response: Yeah, they'll not hold it against her for long. She is lucky that she didn't get the sack though and lucky that she was found out before there was a Captain Jack style gas mask zombie apocalypse - or the TD equivalent.

2020.07.04 - 04:46PM
180: Chapter 180

Welcome back!!! I was literally thinking about this universe a few weeks ago! Iím so happy youíre still writing this! (And writing in general, because your words are such a treasure) Iím gonna go back and read this monster of a series from the beginning... again ^___^

Author's Response: From the beginning? I think you must be a little bit bonkers lol.

2020.07.04 - 12:05PM
179: Chapter 179

You haven't lost your touch. Stay safe!

Author's Response: Thank you, appreciate that, and make sure you stay safe too x

2020.07.04 - 12:03PM
177: Chapter 177

Welcome Back!

Author's Response: Thank you, sorry it was so long.

2020.07.04 - 11:08AM
179: Chapter 179

Iím so happy to see this being picked up again. Iíve reread the TD stories multiple times, so to get new content is like revisiting old friends. Thanks for sharing with us. I look forward to visiting again ... and again!

Author's Response: Sorry that it was so long. It's feeling a bit like that for me as well, I've always known what they were up to etc and at the strangest times new ideas would pop in about what happens when 11 regenerates and now 12 regenerates lol - so much has happened in the 'real' world. Not sure if I'm going to have 11 in this regenerate or not yet but interesting to see how John would react to 12 when John has the memories of Fires of Pompeii.

2020.07.03 - 11:01PM
179: Chapter 179

So thrilled to have new content!!

Author's Response: Sorry that it has been so long, but there is more to come. I've found and dusted off the notebooks which have the next 20 or so chapters in and while the weather is rubbish and I can't get into the garden been typing it up. Hope you enjoy and it doesn't disappoint.

2020.07.03 - 05:19PM
179: Chapter 179

I love this story, I love the characters and I love you to continue writing this. :)

Author's Response: Glad that you're still enjoying x

2020.07.02 - 04:57PM
177: Chapter 177

It's nice to have you back and safe! :D

Author's Response: Sorry that I was away for so long. Kept on intending to finish the TD stuff but other stuff kept getting in the way and it's been far too long. Was concerned I'd have forgotten how to write them or what was going to happen, but it's been like putting on a pair of comfy slippers lol.

2020.07.02 - 03:08PM
177: Chapter 177

It's definitely good to have you back! Too many old, faithful writers have disappeared and many of the new writers just aren't as good. Sorry, don't want to hurt any feelings because there are a lot of stories I like, but you guys that have been around for a long, long time are the very best. I'm looking forward to some Ten stories. Thank you!

Author's Response: I've got plenty of TD stuff to come, got a clear idea of how LGM is going to end as well as the next couple of stories for John etc. Also got a full on 10th Doctor story written and ready to type up. I've not revisited that for a couple of years so might start to type that up as well while I have more time. What do you think? More TD or a new one?

2020.07.02 - 12:12PM
177: Chapter 177

WELCOME BACK!! I hope all is okay, and youíre staying safe during this time.

Author's Response: All is good. Strange times, but working one week off and one week on nights at the moment - so have more time than I normally would. Thought I'd dip back in to the TD Universe for a while as other stories seem to have ground to a halt for a bit but John and the gang are always good. Hope you and your family are safe too, nice to see there are some familiar names still on here - I was concerned there would be no one left as every time I've had a quick look in it's seemed really quiet on here.