2020.08.05 - 09:02AM
214: Chapter 214

Sylvia's right, you know, John. a bit of alone time with your sons wouldn't go amiss.

Author's Response: He's caught in a bit of a difficult one isn't he? He's on crutches so he's probably not quite capable of looking after both of his sons on his own at the moment, but I'm sure they will find some time alone and within the family as well.

2020.08.03 - 12:03PM
212: Chapter 212

That was a sweet moment between John and Jack.

Author's Response: Yeah, it's a shame that their Christmas might be tinged with a bit of sadness because of Rose not being there, but I'm sure that everyone is going to rally round and make sure that there is plenty more fun and love going round than sadness.

2020.08.03 - 11:48AM
211: Chapter 211

If John says he's got it in hand, he's got it! stop fretting about it Jackie and Pete!

Author's Response: They can't get that he's not neurotic about it as all the years that they've been doing it it's taking them a month of planning and chaos and John is a week away and chilled out and not seeming to do anything at all.

2020.08.02 - 10:07AM
210: Chapter 210

Pete can be really sneaky, and he had help!

Author's Response: Yeah, he's properly sneaky, but at least they got John into work and that means he's likely going to be able to accept he can go to work and rebuild his life.

2020.08.01 - 07:25PM
209: Chapter 209

With your updates you made me start reading again that big monster that is TD. :D

Author's Response: Nutter :)

2020.07.30 - 06:34AM
208: Chapter 208

Is Terrence an alien?

Author's Response: Not an alien - just an idiot.

2020.07.29 - 02:45PM
208: Chapter 208

Here I was getting a bit of a thrill that you had a character named Terrence, because thatís my husbandís name, and he turns out to be incompetent. lol

Iím really enjoying the frequent updates on this. It is hands down my favorite series, and itís so nice spending time with my old friends again!

Author's Response: Sorry about that, lol, hope you're husband is better behaved and takes more responsibility! Sometimes one of the hardest things is trying to pick names for characters. I'm glad that you're enjoying the updates it feels a bit out of synch as the storyline is heading toward Christmas now - and the original plan was for it all to go up at Christmas (about three years ago) rather than the middle of the summer! Hopefully there can still be a Christmassy feel about it.

2020.07.29 - 12:56PM
208: Chapter 208

Goes to show the old adage "When the Cat's away the mice will play!"

Author's Response: Yep - having a manager on site goes a long way, but at least the field officers have sorted it out amongst themselves so have shown some responsibility for it even if Terrence hasn't.

2020.07.28 - 02:53PM
207: Chapter 207

Where's Ianto? I assumed he'd be put on the filing job for sure

Author's Response: Ianto, Gwen, Martha, and Mickey are in the other universe sorting out the Chulans on that side and getting Torchwood back into order following the attacks that went on there and Jack's problems.

2020.07.26 - 02:37PM
205: Chapter 205

Pete and Jackie can be quite the schemers.
and they have Greta as a co-conspirator.

BTW. Where is Grete from? She doesn't sound English. is she eastern European?

Author's Response: Yeah, Pete and Jackie have got their heads together to get John out of the house and to work properly or he might not have got round to it. Greta and Marcia are Scandinavian - Marcia came over first to work with the Tylers and Tony and then Greta came over when John hurt his knee during the bear cub attack shortly after he arrived in that universe. They were supposed to be over for a year doing au pair work and working on their English - but neither of them ever went back and are firmly embedded in the Tyler family.

2020.07.25 - 08:39AM
202: Chapter 202

I think the Doctor is suffering from PTSD.

Author's Response: He's traumatised, but whether his symptoms fit into the complex diagnosis of PSTD would be debatable.

2020.07.23 - 05:56PM
201: Chapter 201

John never seems to catch a break!

Author's Response: He'll be fine.

2020.07.23 - 09:11AM
200: Chapter 200

I mean Rose might NOT remember.

Author's Response: I think Rose got off fairly lightly in terms of the emotional consequences of everything that happened.

2020.07.23 - 09:10AM
200: Chapter 200

After reading this chapter I got to thinking about Jack and Michael. As advanced as they are (especially Jack) Folks seem to forget they are still little boys at 6 & 2 years old. little boys who lost their mother and I'm sure they are fearful of loosing their father.
No matter how many people are in their lives and are ready to step in and help John with them, they still need the love and security of their father. the only parent they have left. They are traumatized by everything that is happening around them. and they do not fully understand why it's happening. Now Michael only being 2 doesn't seem to be affected by anything. but I'm betting he's remembering al of this in his mind. I mean who can forget being attacked by the one person you should be able to depend on and trust? Rose lost that with Michael. Rose might remember but Jack and Michael will, Is it no wonder Jack gets apprehensive whenever John has a medical procedure done or is unwell in some other capacity?

It's good to have friends and relatives around to give love and cuddles. but NOONE can give them what their father can give them.

Didn't anyone over think they want to spend time with their dad? and to give him comfort? Remember Jack and Michael are hurting too. (More Jack than Michael) But answer this how much time does John spend with Michael in two almost three years?

Author's Response: I think they are scared that they're going to lose their dad, but, and while they need time with their dad, they also need time away from their dad when John isn't in hospital etc, so that they can see that they dont have to be with their dad every second of the day to know that he's okay. Jack has a much better understanding of what is happening around him than people realise, but that makes it difficult when he is only six. MIchael is almost three and while he's less aware of what is going on and happy as long as he has his ducks and balls at the moment, he is probably more secure with his dad because he has the paternal bond. I think John has probably got the most work to do with being confident and capable with his sons, and while he is reliant on them to feel whole his sons probably wont be secure either - that is why it's so important for John to get back on with his own life with the support of everyone around him and secure in the knowlege that the boys are safe.

2020.07.22 - 04:36PM
199: Chapter 199


Author's Response: Lol - you're welcome