2020.10.03 - 07:50PM
271: Chapter 271

I miss John :'(

Author's Response: :(

2020.09.03 - 08:22PM
271: Chapter 271

Fantastic! Might have cried just a bit at that end.
I love all your stories so much. I love big, long, involved stories that go on forever! Most especially when they are so incredibly well written!

Author's Response: Thanks for your review, glad you enjoyed the story

2020.09.03 - 01:25PM
271: Chapter 271

Wait.... It's the end.... and no Sue? :'(

Great story, now I'll start reading your new one.

But... no Sue?

Author's Response: Yeah, it's the end and no Sue.

As I said to Nothing I could have tagged on another few chapters and done something with her, but, I liked the ending on Boxing Day morning, and if Sue had just turned up or something then that would have tipped the balance to emotional confusion and angst.

Besides, I think John and Sue probably deserve some chapters on their own. I doubt it will be long in presenting as something more complete than the fractional scenes that are floating around at the moment.

Author's Response: I hope you enjoy Joshua

2020.09.03 - 11:39AM
271: Chapter 271

What a superb ending to the story! Thank you so much for finishing it. I must confess, John's reunion with the boys brought tears to my eyes. As someone else noted, you've brought such reality to the characters. I have loved your stories for years now, and I never pass up a chapter as they're published even though I'm a bit remiss at consistently reviewing. (Sorry about that.) Can't exactly say the same for most other writers. I'm really looking forward to the continuation of Joshua. Well done!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it and the ending. Thought it might be a bit of a change that they all kind of had a happy ending - or an ending that at least could be a new beginning for them all being in a better place.

2020.09.02 - 11:32PM
271: Chapter 271

Lol at little Jack's puzzlement and scepticism. He got the best Christmas wish, except for maybe a mother. He never wrote out the card to Rose did he? And I can't help but feel that Sue has been left as somewhat of a loose end. I am sad that the story is over. I hope you revisit the TD universe at some time. However I am also very keen on updates for your new story Joshua. I imagine you're also enjoying a break from TD for a while. It's good to explore something a little different creatively for a while. Thanks for all the fast updates!

Author's Response: No, Jack didn't write out the card to Rose, but I think once the moment was over in the card shop that it kind of got washed away in the excitement about Santa and presents and Christmas morning. Sue is definitely a loose end and I was thinking about tying that all up as well, but I think she probably deserves another TD story of her own - though not 271 chapters worth! There are still stories to be told in the TD Universe so there will definitely be more of it, got four or five of them kicking around in my head at the moment. It is nice to be focusing on something other than TD for a while, the time lines of Joshua make it interesting (and a bit complicated) to write, in some ways I think TD has been going on for so long it's like it's lazy holiday writing - Joshua more of a challenge and that's going to be the focus for a while now - I do appreciate all your reviews - thank you for taking the time.

2020.09.02 - 11:21PM
270: Chapter 270

Back when they say they will be and all in one piecemostly (bar Greg). What a turn up for the books. I can just about feel Jackie's relief!

Author's Response: At least Greg is improving and he's not too seriously hurt. Jackie is definitely relieved, but poor Pete is definitely going on a diet :)

2020.09.02 - 11:18PM
269: Chapter 269

That went down safer than drone racing. John has recovered well.

Author's Response: Barring his ankle and some remaining weakness in his lower back I reckon John is just about fully fit now, he's still got work to do with Oscar, but he's not in pain, he's no metalwork, and he's ready to go home.

2020.09.02 - 11:09PM
271: Chapter 271

I love this series of stories so much. You've made John feel like he's a real living person with all the detail that you put into your stories. I'm happy that Jack and the Doctor have worked everything out now too. What an amazing ending to have John back on time as promised for the best Christmas present for his boys ever. I'm so glad that you're back on here and were able to finish the story. Reading this is almost like a super early Christmas present. Thanks so much!

Author's Response: I'm glad that you enjoyed. It was originally supposed to be going up around Christmas, so glad that the festivities didn't just seem weird.

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to review.

2020.09.02 - 06:00PM
271: Chapter 271

Great ending!

Author's Response: Glad that you enjoyed it. Thought it would be good to give John a happy ending for a change, and with the Doctor and Jack firmly back together and ready to get on with their lives again, that side of things is at least resolved.

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time for all your reviews.

2020.09.02 - 05:20PM
268: Chapter 268

I wonder how long the Doctor can breathe underwater for without resurfacing?

Author's Response: I'm not sure he can breathe underwater lol. I reckon he could hold his breath for a fair while though, especially with his bypass, when John jumped into the lake after the boys in TD he was surprised he couldn't hold his breath, so we know it's longer than John can!

2020.09.02 - 05:19PM
267: Chapter 267

But how did the parallel Earth deal with alien invasions before the Doctor came along? I like what the Doctor said about looking for parallel Gallifrey though.

Author's Response: That's a question that's never really been answered isn't it? If there is a president there is no monarchy - no monarchy = no Queen Victoria, no Queen Victoria = no Torchwood.

2020.09.01 - 05:47PM
266: Chapter 266

Question: What do you feed a Time Lord?

Answer: Anything he wants!!!

Author's Response: Don't get in the way of a hungry time lord - or a hungry time lord human metacrisis for that matter.

2020.09.01 - 05:33PM
266: Chapter 266

It's good John and Oscar could make up.

Author's Response: They've been through too much together to really fall out completely. Oscar knows he made a mistake this time and John knows he was a bit of an arse about it.

2020.09.01 - 05:30PM
265: Chapter 265

Hm, no one seemed to check John's energy level during that spell. If Sue were there she'd be sure to. Come to think of it, what's happened to Neil? Has he skived off to have his own holiday?

Author's Response: Neil is still down at the beach with the others. John wasn't exactly forthcoming about having hurt himself so it's not the medic's fault. Sue would have been making sure his energy was checked and that he was okay, but she'd probably not have allowed him to sit and have hotdogs and ice cream before heading back to the TARDIS either so there needs to be a balance, because if John had just been marched back when he was still so annoyed then it would probably have been harder for everyone involved - including John.

2020.09.01 - 04:34PM
264: Chapter 264

Blimey. I had wondered if you'd be including such scenes again.

Author's Response: I think it is safe to say that the Doctor and Captain Jack have resolved their differences and are firmly back on track.