Reviews For The Perfect Crime

2015.05.16 - 04:13AM
1: The Perfect Crime

Odd timing, this; I've never seen a 'Columbo' episode, but I was reading a book just a few days ago about the making of 'The Princess Bride', so a character of Falk's popping up here was a pleasant surprise.

2005.07.05 - 01:57PM
1: The Perfect Crime

Columbo and Doctor Who!!! I never thought of that! Mind you, I did Doctor Who + Balamory on this site. I'm mad!!!

2003.10.01 - 08:19PM
1: The Perfect Crime

A crossover worthy of another 20,000 words.

2003.10.01 - 09:49AM
1: The Perfect Crime

Oh LOL!! The Master doesn't stand a CHANCE!