2013.11.03 - 01:56PM
1: Something Doesn't Feel Quite Right

Oh, I do love this! Especially the epilogue, it's so sweet.

2013.10.31 - 01:07PM
5: As We Relive Our Lives

Well, the Doctor may suspect that he will know her, but he's not saying. Thanks for sharing.

2013.10.22 - 07:30PM
4: Just Waiting for the Morning Light

Entertaining and interesting.

2013.10.18 - 08:45AM
3: Welcome to the Home by the Sea

Interesting mystery here. We still don't know if it is supernatural or alien. Nicely done.

2013.10.18 - 08:39AM
2: It Took Place in a New York Cemetery

Quite a few different communities on Long Island even in 1959. So my comment is that they probably would have wanted to request more specific information (what part of Long Island) unless the Doctor was able to look back on the boys' timelines to determine where they generally all were together a few nights ago.

Author's Response: Thanks for your reviews! (I thought I\'d specified Brooklyn Heights, though? Or did I accidentally leave that part out? If so--eep! Thanks for catching that; I\'ll put that back in!)

2013.10.18 - 08:30AM
1: Something Doesn't Feel Quite Right

Very nice. I wasn't expecting Amy and Rory to be the clients, but you gave this reader enough clues.