2013.11.22 - 01:28AM
13: Name

Oh, I have such a soft spot for Rose with Young!Doctor.
I miss this story already. I can't wait for more.

P.S. I agree with Doctor Of All (this has been on my mind since you first posted this chapter) because it's more than just academically or medically, isn't it? A healer of people inside. The tinkerer doctoring. etc.

I love this story *so* much.

Author's Response: I think I have a soft spot for young Doctor, period. lol I really had to give some thought to how I wanted to treat the question of his name while writing a series about his biggest secrets. I think the solution I came up with is just about the only one that would work for me (although I have engaged in conversation with someone who made a very persuasive argument for the idea that the Doctor\'s name really is Zagreus. lol) Whatever else he is, he is the Doctor - and if there is any element of \"who we are\" to be found in his name, that he is the Doctor has to be part of it. :) Thanks for the feedback and stay tuned. Gonna switch gears a bit for the next few books...

2013.11.19 - 08:02AM
15: Secrets

You've entirely concocted this character, right? I can only find "The Woman" from that Moffatt episode, and she is nameless.

Author's Response: Yes. She is mine. :)

2013.11.19 - 07:33AM
19: The Monster in the Hallway

What a nail biter. I am so looking forward to reading this all again from the start, over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Nice juxtaposition of Amy ready to bail and Rose ready to die for him.

Author's Response: Well, Rose is also still \"integrated\" with him. Which is why he needs her help in order to get her out.

2013.11.18 - 06:46PM
18: The Father's Son

EEP! I love it!

Author's Response: lol Yay!

2013.11.18 - 04:09PM
18: The Father's Son

I saw it coming a bit but the execution was lovely. Such a great reveal! Looking forward to more! :)

Author's Response: Yeah, I figured it would be about half and half with people seeing it and getting caught off guard. :) Glad you enjoyed.

2013.11.18 - 10:51AM
15: Secrets

One of the drawbacks to posting in dribbles instead of having a whole novel before you at once... Later chapters completely vindicate this scene. Still, if I were Modena, I might be taking a certain child to sink to let him see what soap tastes like. ;-)

Author's Response: Well, he wasn\'t a CHILD perse... I pictured him about 20-ish. The Doctor in Out of Line I pictured 25-ish. If the first body matures at half the rate of a human\'s, there\'s enough of a gap there to fit around the Academy training of 50 years. :) And yes, the later chapter was meant to make you go \"Wow, I was too hard on her.\" :-P I actually like Modena, though she is certainly TL through and through. Her relationship with the Doctor is... unique.

2013.11.18 - 10:49AM
18: The Father's Son

Um, you know how I was toying with the idea of writing the Doctor's parents? NEVERMIND. Good gods this kicks ass. So beyond perfection. I could just sit down on a grassy knoll and contemplate this chapter for a week.

Author's Response: lol I didn\'t want to give you spoilers when you mentioned it. And actually, I\'d love to see the story you were talking about. But yeah, it definitely doesn\'t fit in with this series. lol Funny thing is, I had this idea WAY way back the first time I saw him... Watching Classic helped to reinforce it... and by the time I got into the Divergent Universe with 8\'s audios, I knew it was something I WANTED to do. Then it was just a matter of making it happen. :)

2013.11.17 - 12:17PM
17: Opportunity

Ah, I'm very curious here!

Author's Response: nothing like a good cliffhanger! :)

2013.11.17 - 09:29AM
16: Seeking Answers

That was a truly frightening ending, good job!

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

2013.11.16 - 04:57PM
16: Seeking Answers

I enjoy Rose's bravery here. Glad Modena is gone, hope the Q ate her, lol.

Author's Response: Heh. Modena is not a bad person. She\'s just a bit bitter and Time Lord through and through. She was actually trying to answer Rose\'s question, just going about it in a very roundabout way...

2013.11.16 - 04:56PM
15: Secrets

Backity back way back story. Love it. Kinda don't like the boy Doctor using the f word to his mom... Yikes that is jarring. He's not mad at her for maybe being sexual, is he?

Author's Response: No. Really, he\'s mad at the entire society that\'s ostracised him and he\'s taking it out on her. He\'s mad specifically at her because she\'s lied to him and now won\'t tell him what he wants to know. Of course, when he gets the reason WHY she won\'t tell him, he backs off. But yes, it is jarring. And it\'s supposed to be. It\'s one of two times I\'ve had the Doctor use that word and the other was in a very different context.

2013.11.10 - 09:07PM
14: Intimate Friendship

Mother of his children??? This I gotta see...!

Author's Response: And see, you shall. :-P

2013.11.10 - 10:51AM
14: Intimate Friendship

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Author's Response: Hee hee. Yes, that they are... :-P

2013.11.10 - 10:41AM
13: Name

I would change that line, then to read Doctor to All, to keep it clear. There's canon that it's Academic, but I think you and I far prefer the medical doctor metaphor. Much more interesting.

Author's Response: It could be read either way and still reflect him. It also parallels the Master\'s \"prophecy\", if you noticed. :-P

2013.11.09 - 07:09PM
13: Name

Doctor of All. Does that mean both Academic and Medical, to you?

Author's Response: Hmm... It could. I actually took it to mean more that he was Doctor TO all (peoples of the universe). Tho I certainly think his Academy training, to say nothing of his exploits since, have equipped him in all areas of academia and medicine. :-P