2013.09.22 - 11:14PM
1: "Can every time I breathe in, be every time you breathe out?" Amy laughs.

You wrote it! And it's very enjoyable (much better than I could've done. I know zilch about music.) Peter Capaldi and Craig Ferguson's song is breath-takingly awful though. I'm kind of sitting stunned at just how bad it is. He sounds like a sheep slowly being strangled. :/

I really liked the costume choice you gave Twelve. I could picture it very clearly in my mind. The last line, about the smile, was unexpectedly heartbreaking after such an overall peppy fic. I'm glad that you were able to write this after all!

Author's Response: Well, as far as I know, Craig Ferguson wasn\'t in the band anymore when they recorded that song. Peter doesn\'t sound as bad as a suffocating sheep to me, but I agree with you, it is pretty bad. As for the clothes...they\'re not mine. I watched the first few minutes of the art documentary \"A Portrait of Scotland,\" which Mr. Capaldi hosted, and thought, the Doctor would look good in that ;) Thanks for the review!

Author's Response: *goes back to check* Huh, I guess he wasn\'t wearing those clothes in that documentary, then. I saw him in them in an Eleven-to-Twelve version someone made of the Ten-to-Eleven split regeneration photo.