Reviews For Time Not Yet Lost

2020.05.09 - 04:20AM
1: Prologue

thank you very much ;-; now i'm bursting into tears.Best sad fanfic ever

2019.03.21 - 03:18PM
14: Epilogue

You did it. You made me actually cry. First time for me and this forum. Well done.

2015.10.05 - 10:30PM
14: Epilogue

This was wrenching. And perfect. ...I don't even want to know how long it took you to write this. There are so many nuances, so many perfect overlapping circumstances. I can't think of any better way this could have been written. UNLESS IT COULD HAVE BEEN WRITTEN WITHOUT LEAVING ME AS SAD AS I FEEL NOW. Ugh it's bittersweet, but seriously, seriously sad. :( I love this. I don't know that I could bear to read it again, but only because it so obviously did what it was meant to. ...Bravo. Now I have to go write some fic of my own. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

2014.09.18 - 11:13PM
14: Epilogue

I reaaalllyy love how you echoed back to earlier chapters in this one, particularly lines like: "...remembering how hard he had tried to prise that word from her before, when they’d made love on top of a dozen silk ties." It really is just another perfect example of how this fic combines angst and intimacy so incredibly well... This ending is so simultaneously lovely and heartbreaking. I really suck at allowing myself to be happy for Tentoo when Ten's still in the picture (sort of), that's a big fault of mine. But really, the imagery in this chapter was outstanding and I should really say despite the pain I'm going to be in for the next few days, this is the best fic I've read in a looong time. Though this doesn't really alter canon in a technical sense, it delves so much deeper into their relationship and just adds new layers of meaning to what we do see on-screen, and that is a very tough thing to do. Though Ten's ending thoroughly rips my heart out still, it's colored with a sense of hope that we don't really get from the series, and the way it's all written is just so /real/. Many thanks for sharing this lovely piece with us all.

Author's Response: Good to hear you think it fits in with canon. That was my argument when people thought I was being cruel -- it\'s no worse than what /actually/ happened, really. I\'m so glad you liked it and thanks for these reviews, they were lovely to read!!

2014.09.18 - 10:36PM
13: Chapter 12

Oh, god, the amount of pain I am in right now is actually unreal. "After the Dalek proved that love is blind and she had his writhing body in her arms, those words twirled in every molecule within him as he stayed the same man for her.

But they never crossed his lips. Not until an identical pair whispered them into her ear, a lash more painful than the glass-like grains of sand whipping his stricken face.

He was never meant to have said it. She wouldn’t have stayed."

Really, just... it's so true. And my heart just ACHED for him because of how much he loved her and wanted to say it. Lord, JE has always been my weak spot, I cry every single goddamn time.

But then the telepathy. MY HEART. Showing her, instead of telling, as he's known to do, it seems, and I think she's still left something wanting after that. But it's the only way he can and it's so sweet and just MY HEART. Oh, I need a moment. An eternal moment to recover from this brilliant and lovely and spectacular pain. Just the fact that she trusted him even though he said they wouldn't be together... it sort of makes sense the way she acted in earlier chapters, now. Though I can't say I'd have been as trusting since the Doctor was so cryptic about it all.

And then there was the finishing blow: "You can't tell me you love me. He'll never let you go if you do." WHY. Really, his last memory with her is their /first/ time making love with an emotional link and they're crying and he knows it's the last time he's gonna see her and I just ackjaksdnkanjahd. How can he do it? I'm gonna go cry for 5 years. Regardless though, I can't possibly regret reading this because it's fantastic and the agony is just so beautifully constructed.

Author's Response: I\'m so sorry for the pain! It hurt me too. Glad you thought the agony was well done lol. <3

2014.09.18 - 02:57PM
12: Chapter 11

NOT THE DAMN BLUE SWEATER D: ... Gosh, I about died when he made her beg for it. About died. I think angsty smut just might be my favorite combination ever and it's really astounding how well you achieve it over and over in this fic. But WHY WON'T SHE TELL HIM AND WHY IS SHE HIDING THINGS. Ugh. What's on the paper, I NEED TO KNOW. Ugh god I'm hoping you're going to fix this but I don't have much hope, it feels like you've been foreboding their canon ending the entire time. Ah, my heart. I just want my baby Ten to be happy. Still, brilliant writing!

Author's Response: Stupid blue sweater and bazoolium!! Thank you :D

2014.09.17 - 11:51PM
11: Chapter 10

They are so cute I cannot even handle it "So...what do you wanna do?" Ugh my precious babies. And gossshshhh that hot tub scene was so fucking hot good Lord. And, of course, the scene that followed. Too, I think their candidness about their lonely shenanigans really speaks volumes about their comfortable, intimate relationship (even before they started doing physically intimate things). Well done there! But then. THEN. What the heck happened on the TARDIS while the Doctor was gone? I am just dying. And I'm more than a little peeved Rose isn't telling the Doctor what's going on. What's that about!? I need the honesty back. I NEED IT. Also the photo WHY GOD WHY. ALSO WHY IS ROSE OK WITH IT NOW. I'm gonna die, it's gonna happen. (I still love this fic more than air don't even worry.)

Author's Response: :O :O :O haha it\'s funny reading these reviews knowing you\'ve already finished, but I want to reply to them all! Sorry Rose\'s secrecy was stressing you out!

2014.09.17 - 10:05PM
8: Chapter 7

THERE IT IS. I knew there'd be something. I really loved the build-up to this - the saving the planet and dancing and laughing and tickling and /really/ talking. It was so fitting for them. Not that I don't completely see where the Doctor is coming from, though, I might be doing the same... but how can he resist Rose's logic? c: As always, sexy times were superbly written!

Author's Response: Rose\'s logic is the best logic. Thanks!

2014.09.17 - 05:36PM
6: Chapter 5

Ohhhhhh sweet Lord. Here I am on my lunch break, wandering away from the guys in my lab to read more in solitude... wow. WOWWW. I'm really not sure how you do it, time and time again, but I've melted into a liquid puddle. "Let me help"? I was already hardly keep it together. By the time he said "just relax I actually had to close my laptop and walk around the room to prevent from spontaneously combusting, even before he did anything. It came as no surprise when I cooled off enough to continue, what followed was just wonderfully written, the build-up, the imagery, the details, everything: it was exceptionally intimate in a way simply not everyone can achieve. Of course, I'm forever upset the Doctor was 'selfless' about it but my guess is there's something ticking away in his head, preventing him from really letting loose. The ending, well, I was expecting angst from this story and it seems I won't be disappointed. Yet, I love it, I'm savoring it. The end of the day can't come fast enough! :]

Author's Response: HAHA I\'m so impressed with ppl who can read smut while at work/on lunchbreaks -- wish I could do that. And yep you may be on to something re: the Doctor having reasons for holding back. Excited to see what you think as things progress. :) Thanks for these reviews!

2014.09.17 - 11:52AM
4: Chapter 3

Ok, it was the WORST idea ever to start reading this in the morning while drinking my coffee... I doubt I'll be able to concentrate on anything else at work today! I love this so much. The hesitation and fear is just portrayed SO WELL (I wouldn't expect anything less, though, now that I think of it. The shoulder/back rubs? Perfectly sexy. And then that kiss LORD you're killing me. I'm gonna die, aren't I? I can't wait to read more of this later!!

Author's Response: Oh I\'m glad you are liking it so far! And goddd otp massages in fics -- as fun to write as it is to read :D

2014.08.27 - 06:29AM
14: Epilogue

So I was rereading this thinking the whole time how it truly has a lot of sex scenes for such an angsty fic (lol) and then I was getting to the end and was like, surely this isn't gonna make me cry again. Nope, it did. It's 7:30am and I have to go to work now. Why did I just reread that bit. Still devastating, FYI.

Author's Response: THANKS FRIEND :D I\'m kinda sorry, but mostly pleased/chuffed. Also impressed you have time to read fic before work!

2014.04.30 - 10:28PM
1: Prologue

Oh man, I am in love with this fic. I had to pry myself away from it last night because it was almost 3am and I had to get up for work in a few short hours. But it was well worth it! Just a beautiful story that is so wonderfully crafted. There is nothing about this story that I did not enjoy. Thank you so much for writing and sharing!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, that\'s really nice to hear. :D :DD

2014.03.11 - 12:19PM
1: Prologue

Definitely making everyone cry with this one... But i love the ones that make the whole Metacrisis thing feel more planned and accepted than the show made it out to be. It all felt like such a brush off (which it was really... Just one of those things about not being able to keep the actors forever and finding a way to get out of it).. This is one of those stories that helps make it all feel more accepted with the characters

Author's Response: Yeah I was hoping to sort of give more reasoning to Rose/Tentoo, and give Rose some more say in the matter, at least a bit. Glad that came through! :)

2014.03.05 - 11:41PM
1: Prologue

I had to register just to tell you you've broken me to pieces and put me back together! I am in awe of this story and will have to read it a hundred more times - it's beautiful and hot and agonizing and timey wimey and so very true to them. Wow!

Author's Response: I\'m so honored that you took the time to register just to comment. Thank you, I really appreciate it! <3

2014.02.15 - 06:46PM
14: Epilogue

Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for all your effort in making this series; it was a journey I'm glad to have taken in reading. Despite expecting angst it wasn't painfully unbearable to read, every bittersweet moment made me smile just as much as it made me cry. It was just sooo lovely! And hot. The smut was like... wow. And my favorite part is that you worked so hard to make even the smutty parts of your story believable and fit into their relationship. It was all very romantic, and reading how it grew and fluctuated... ugh I don't have adequate words... but you dear author! You are a master, at writing Rose, at writing the Doctor, and oh has this piece has given me so much joy and has found itself settled firmly into my headcannon! Thank you!

Author's Response: Oh wow, thank you!! It\'s good to hear I wasn\'t too heavy-handed with the angst and that even the smut was in-character. :D