Reviews For Code 9

2016.11.01 - 10:35PM
1: Chapter 1

I've decided to re-read this awesome, wonderful, fantastic, epic story of your's once again. As brilliant as this story is there is one small error that bugs me. In chapter one you say it is March 3rd.... but then you also say it is a few weeks after 'Planet of the Dead'.... and in that episode it is mentioned in passing that it is April.... It is a small detail, that doesn't really effect the story, but I've noticed it. I do want to say again how much I love this story and have re-read it before. It is a magnificent story that is full of adventure, thrills, great characters and wonderful plot. Thank you for writing.

2016.10.16 - 01:46PM
569: Chapter 569

Can't believe this incredible story is over. I have loved every moment of it.
Might have to re-read TD now (or is that an insane thought?!)

2016.08.01 - 08:30PM
273: Chapter 273

Maybe you should edit this chapter so that one of the titles that the Doctor lists is 'the cursed child'..... I had to recheck this chapter since the new Harry Potter book came out. Love this story!

2016.07.27 - 03:27PM
402: Chapter 402

Re-reading this story & having passed my driving test in March I have much more sympathy for Ethan

2016.01.05 - 05:48PM
569: Chapter 569

Ah, I blitzed through the last twenty chapters yesterday, and what a read it was! Sorry for being away for so long, but I lost my mother and gained a new Hungarian Vizsla puppy within hours of each other last July. Sort of took the stuffing out of me for such a long time. I'm glad to mark the first step of moving on a bit by finishing your story. Now, on to the two new stories!!! :-)

Author's Response: I'm sorry to hear about your mum. I'm not sure what a Hungarian Vizsla is but I will look it up on line - I hope it's a lot of fun!

2015.12.11 - 02:18AM
569: Chapter 569

Saw this post and thought of your story!

Author's Response: Ha, that's cool, wonder if the Brig really did have a yacht. I bet they'd get into all kinds of trouble though! Never mind sitting on deck drinking cocktails!

2015.11.30 - 06:23PM
569: Chapter 569

In the Waters of Mars, the Doctor wars with himself as to whether or not he should stick around or not. He really needed to a companion or two to back him up and set him right. I'm glad Jack was able to point out they needed to leave and Ethan also understood they needed to leave. You've made a typo though, saying the first colony arrived on Mars in 1958 lol. That's probably only 100 years off.
I've had a shit time of it the past two years and reading Code 9 has helped get me through it. Thank you. I love how you in depth you write the characters and the interactions and the way they can take blow after blow of nastiness and still come through to the other side. I hope you never stop writing your brilliant stories. Although, I do go back and re-read them as well. But the excitement of reading a new chapter from you is something that never gets old.

Author's Response: The Water of Mars is definitely one where he needed someone with him. Yeah 2058 would be better wouldn't it? I'm glad that you've enjoyed the story and hope things are less shit for you going forward. Thank you for taking the time to read and for your reviews throughout.

2015.11.30 - 05:57PM
568: Chapter 568

Jack has put a lot of thought to the situation now. Its a pity he couldn't have done that initially, instead of going all rampage. That way he could've bee n there for the Doctor straight away and they'd have been able to work through this together quicker, without probably the Doctor getting as down as he has done. At least after this talk, the Doctor seems more optimistic.

Author's Response: The Doctor needed Jack to put his head straight and then get him sorted out. At least it's done now and they should be able to get through it easily enough.

2015.11.30 - 05:42PM
567: Chapter 567

The Oncoming Storm is showing.

Author's Response: He's definitely not happy, but he's not entirely sure where to direct his frustration and anger and what to do with it.

2015.11.30 - 05:31PM
566: Chapter 566

Not gonna lie, this chapter choked me up a bit. The Doctor needs to be cut a break.

Author's Response: Lol, I think he's had enough breaks!

2015.11.30 - 05:23PM
565: Chapter 565

I doubt the Doctor would've known this fracture might happen. He wouldn't allow himself the risk of being caught in a setback like this, when he's worked so hard to recover. So there will be no need for Martha to break his other leg.

Author's Response: Yeah, if he'd known it was a risk I expect he'd have made sure that James had step by step instructions on what to do and how to avoid it.

2015.11.30 - 05:14PM
564: Chapter 564

Seems Francine is the only one keeping a clear head about all this. Is there a reason the Doctor couldn't have those alternative drugs in the beginning of the story? Maybe I'm missing something.

Author's Response: All the drug reactions at the beginning of the story made it difficult to manage him.

2015.11.30 - 05:02PM
563: Chapter 563

Jack had better not lose his head over this, or he'll become the Face of Boe all too soon lol. Atleast the Als were able to somewhat diffuse the situation. Hopefully James can figure out what happened and help the Doctor. Jack needs to be at the Doctor's bedside. Martha can't do all the hand-holding, when she needs to be doctoring and it will be Jack who the Time Lord will want.

Author's Response: Jack is being a bit disappointing with his reaction to it, he needs to get his priorities straight and get to the Doctor.

2015.11.30 - 04:41PM
562: Chapter 562

That was intense. Hopefully the Doctor is going to be alright, though I suspect his morale is going to take a blow. Jack getting up in arms like this isn't going to help matters, though I understand his frustration. The Doctor is going to need Jack to be there for him and calmly support him past this setback.

Author's Response: I'm sure the Doctor will recover though he's certainly not going to be happy and Jack losing his head about it won't be of any benefit to anyone.

2015.11.30 - 04:21PM
561: Chapter 561

“Socks do that,” indeed! Makes me wonder if the Doctor actually knows what happens to socks when they go missing.
The Doctor is certainly surprising everyone with his recovery. I am sure he still feels a sense of pride, even if he's not up to his usual standard yet.

Author's Response: If he knows what happens to socks then I'd like to know! I have given up on wearing paired socks. Gave up about six years ago and just wear odd ones now - lol. Largely they are under my shoes and beneath my trousers so who is to know! Every now and then I get a - are you wearing odd socks remark. Answer - they're not odd, just different *w*