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2013.09.11 - 09:10AM
1: Additions

This is perfection. I loved every word. From John sitting with Tony and colouring to Tony now calling Harriet and Wilf his grandparents. I loved it all. And boy did I need some fluff!! You are fantastic, Ash!! Love love love.

Author's Response: (Huge hugs) You\'re just incredible, Em! For the record–I DID get home safe after camping out in the parking lot and reading LOL...exhausted because it was a horrible day, but seriously your story made me happy so totally worth sitting in my car LOL!

Fluff...we all need some fluff!! I\'m so thrilled you liked it! I really wanted Tony to have that kind of relationship with Wilf and Harriet. This whole family has been through so much that they are so tightly bonded together. Thanks again!!! You rock!

2013.09.10 - 11:31PM
1: Additions

I was going to quote back my favorite bits, but I would have just copied ALL OF THIS!! I will say my favorite part is the bit between Tony and John. I was in no way surprised that John was intently coloring Batman with Tony.
And that Tony calls Wilf and Harriet his grandparents is the single most precious thing.

Author's Response: Oh, you\'re too sweet! I\'m so happy you liked it! I really liked writing fluff for them. Lord knows that deserve it! Tony WILL get an explanation but from whom... :) I really wanted Wilf and Harriet to be that to Tony. They are the type of people that would cling to that title. Thanks so much!!!!

2013.09.10 - 08:14PM
1: Additions

That was just beautiful. Funny and honest and adorable and beautiful.
I just want to wrap them all up in a big hug. I am so glad that you have more planned for this group!!! :) You captured the mood of this precious moment so perfectly, Ash - I can't stop smiling! *hugs*

Author's Response: Oh!!! I just love yas! I\'m glad the mood seemed right. I\'m not a L&D nurse and I\'ve only been there during a couple births so I was hoping it sounded okay. I have two more planned and possibly a third, depends on if the last two go over well. Thanks for everything Tink! You are truly the best!!!

2013.09.10 - 06:19PM
1: Additions

They would make lovely would have been comical if they actually attempted to explain where the baby came from!

Author's Response: Oh that\'s coming, just not in this story! Thanks for reading! :)

2013.09.10 - 05:03PM
1: Additions

This is so warm and cozy. Just what I needed. Love it!

Author's Response: Awww!!!! Yay! I\'m so happy you like it. These people REALLY needed some fluff! Thanks!