2013.09.10 - 05:25PM
1: Chapter 1

I am quite remiss in not having reviewed every one of the instalments, but I just found them today, and gobbled them up.

As much as I found the Valeyard series interesting and provocative, and the sci-fi and the mind games really well done, the softer side of me is truly enjoying the "reboot" without the Valeyard. I do hope that you continue Tegan's encounters with all the Doctors. (I was really very pleased with the differences in the meeting & farewell with Seven. It was sweet, but still quite sexy, partly because of the deep bond you've created between Tegan and The Doctor -- "The" meaning him in all of his incarnations.)

I've never been either hot or cold to Tegan, didn't love her or dislike her as a companion, but I really love the way that you've developed her character in your stories. You've also shown Five in a believable extension of the Fifth Doctor we know from the series.

I look forward to more whenever you get the opportunity and the inspiration! :-) Thank you!

Author's Response: More is coming, just tidying up a few loose ends and working out the much less angsty ending! Thanks for reading and reviewing, it\'s always appreciated.

2013.08.22 - 04:20PM
1: Chapter 1

The things you have just done to my brain... O_o

Author's Response: Heh. Good things, I hope. :)