Reviews For The Wind By Night

2016.05.18 - 05:10PM
12: The Sound of Rain

This is one of the best stories I've ever read. Just beautiful.

2016.03.29 - 12:23PM
12: The Sound of Rain

Finished the story and it's absolutely beautiful. Perfect really. Thank you so much for writing it :) x

2016.03.28 - 09:25PM
2: The Most Mundane of Things

"“Can you imagine that, Rose? Imagine suddenly there is a competition for the title of the Rose Tyler, and you’re not winning.”"

Just reading through this story and absolutely loving it, but I have to say the above quote just sums up Tentoo x Rose PERFECTLY for me. I adore it, thank you. xx

2015.09.01 - 12:57PM
11: Eurydice's Footprints

This chapter is so brilliantly interwoven and suspenseful. I love it!

2015.01.26 - 08:59PM
1: Forever (Or Something Like It)

Not only is your writing lovely for this piece, your writing evocative, but I think this is one of the best interpretations of the post-Journey's-End Rose & Metacrisis Doctor reconciliations out there. It all feels very much like stuff both Rose and the Doctor would say, think, and feel.

2014.09.19 - 01:48AM
1: Forever (Or Something Like It)

Your command of language elevated this story immensely, rendering it nearly film-like. I was able to picture each scene playing out, to get inside his head and see the complex ways he navigates through a problem or an emotion. Quite seriously, you ought to be writing stories for the DW novels, or for Big Finish Productions, because apart from the erotic interludes, this one lends itself perfectly to those audio teleplay-style stories of the Doctor. And what's severely lacking at BFP (likely because they don't own the rights to that persona) are stories pertaining to the metacrisis Doctor. I wonder sometimes if the BBC has any clue what a market there still is for Doctor/Rose oriented tales. Blimey, stories like this are a gold mine, and they wouldn't even need to pay the actors... But getting back to this story... I deeply appreciated that you didn't simply have them stumbling into a drama where they're getting to know each other and weathering the difficulties, blah blah (though who am I kidding, I take what I can get). Instead you hurled them straight into a hugely dramatic tale, completely brilliant, complex and unexpected -- so epic that I practically heard a Murray Gold score swelling up at key moments. Really really wonderful, and I'd be most grateful if you share more stories with us soon. Thank the stars you're in the Doctor/Rose camp, that's all I have to say. Lucky us :). And one last thing: I've read a plethora of love/sex scenes between the Doctor and Rose -- we all have, right? -- many of them completely breathtaking and sensual. But what you did here was not to focus on the particulars or the gory details (which I also love, don't get me wrong), but instead portrayed his absolute and almost childlike wonder and thrill at every explosive sensation it was making him feel. To paraphrase, "this thing that was happening to them", as if it was some outside phenomenon sweeping over them like a tsunami, and all they could do was hang onto each other and ride the current. Gorgeous, because that's how it would be, that's how it *is* -- a singular and overwhelming experience that tested every superior Time Lord sense he'd managed to retain since his creation. It was so intense and understated that it practically had me weeping. Bravo for that, a tasteful yet spectacular 'first time' for the Doctor.

2014.07.29 - 01:04AM
12: The Sound of Rain

Great story... well done! Thanks for sharing it!

2014.06.15 - 06:39AM
12: The Sound of Rain

It took me a couple of days but I've just finished it. I think you did such a great job! In particular the suspense and sadness crafted in the later chapters, as well as the transition to happiness and hope, were extremely well done. Anyway, lovely story and thank you for writing it. :)

2014.06.13 - 01:26PM
12: The Sound of Rain

Wow! You are an excellent storyteller AND an artist with words. It's so hard to excel at both, but you manage it brilliantly. Thanks for an amazing story! :0)

2014.06.13 - 01:46AM
12: The Sound of Rain

Thank you.

2014.06.12 - 08:28PM
12: The Sound of Rain

Brilliant, as always!! Well done :)

2014.06.12 - 08:24PM
12: The Sound of Rain

I just want you to know that this is in the top ten stories I've ever read. Just fantastic harder sci-fi mixed with Doctor/Rose. Please, don't ever stop writing!

2014.05.20 - 03:48PM
11: Eurydice's Footprints

Wow, just came across this story. BRILLIANT! I'm hooked. I love the introspection of Rose and the Doctor… especially the Doctor. I don't find enough of his thoughts in fan fiction for my taste and you've captured it in a poignant & very believing way! Can't wait to continue following this thru to the ending!

2014.05.07 - 09:51PM
11: Eurydice's Footprints

Love this story. Can't wait to see what happens next.

2014.04.30 - 07:40PM
1: Forever (Or Something Like It)

I love this story passionately. Their dialogue is so real, the feelings are utterly perfect--anger, grief... And the glimpse of Ten2 becoming the Time Lord(ish) Victorious was chilling and perfect! Please, please continue!