Reviews For Underside

2013.08.26 - 02:21PM
4: Chapter 4

wow! erm, yes *reaches for her fan*

I'm not sure I could stand all the build up myself, but I'd be willing to try so if you'll excuse me I'm just running off with him for a while, lol

Author's Response: You go right ahead, Dev.... I\'m done with him, for now... (Insert evil grin here). Seriously, though... This means a lot coming from you! Thanks!!!

2013.08.21 - 10:25PM
3: Chapter 3

He's a little sneaky. And Jake's a tease... This plan is rather interesting!

Author's Response: That\'s for sure! Thanks!

2013.08.21 - 09:35PM
3: Chapter 3

Oh my, I can just see that cheeky wink!

Author's Response: He\'s a smarmy little sh*t, isn\'t he? ;)

2013.08.19 - 10:37PM
2: Chapter 2

Ohhh, this is good, all the teasing... Poor Rose. I do like the buildup here. Looking forward to more!

Author's Response: Thanks, Fogs! I\'m glad you\'ve come along for the ride!

2013.08.19 - 05:46PM
1: Chapter 1

Good grief! Pass the fan, and give one to poor Rose too:)

Author's Response: Oh, I think she\'ll be just fine, eventually... ;). Thx for the review! Reviews are love!