Reviews For This Old Face

2013.09.11 - 12:48AM
1: This Old Face

Ugh. On re-reading this I actually hope they DON'T make Twelve this dark. Is he the Valeyard or isn't he? Speculation's driving me insane!

Caught another typo by the way. In the bit that goes, "Fallen for Rose -- and, oh, it had broken his already fragile heart to see her again," it should be "hearts."

Author's Response: Whoops--thanks for catching that! I can\'t decide if I want him that dark or not. :) On the one hand...I think he\'d make the perfect dark!Doctor. On the other, I\'m enjoying IncurableRomantic\'s less dark version of him in her story. :)

2013.08.18 - 02:18AM
1: This Old Face

Beautiful. I love the idea of Capaldi's Doctor becoming much, much darker than all the ones before him; hopefully that's where they'll go with Series 8. By the way, I have one tiny quibble to make: in the line that says, "And thousands of years later, the ancestors of a Roman family paid the price," it should be "descendants," not ancestors. Other than that, though, great work! Thank you.

Author's Response: Ahh---yep! Thanks for catching that for me. :) Will correct. I\'m glad you enjoyed! :) I definitely hope that\'s where they go, too.

2013.08.12 - 03:58PM
1: This Old Face

Oh that's chilling, and so well done. I know they have plans to make Capaldi's Doctor darker, but I hope they don't make him quite that dark.

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I admit, I was having trouble picturing Capaldi as the Doctor, until I started picturing him as super dark. Then, it began working for me. Although...your 12/Rose story has definitely gotten me to see the potential of 12 as a non-dark Doctor. :)

2013.08.12 - 07:27AM
1: This Old Face

Awesome. And a completely unexpected ending that made absolute sense once it finally clicked. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I\'m so glad!

2013.08.12 - 12:42AM
1: This Old Face

Very well done. Love that both River and Rose were mentioned. I hate when people gloss over one or the other. They both are important. Above all? I love the way you did the writing about why he wears the face he does. And I know I think Capaldi will be a fantastic dark doctor. He seems to give me the vibe of Nine but a touch darker even. (Which can you blame him?) And the mention of the Valeyard? Perfection!

Author's Response: I totally agree with you; I feel like both relationships had their merits, and I actually am a fan of both. :) Thank you!!! :D I\'m so glad you enjoyed it!!

2013.08.11 - 04:59PM
1: This Old Face

Gee, does that mean I'm not the only one wondering if they'll tackle the Valeyard scenario in the near future? Kinda hope they do, and I think Capaldi would do a terrific dark Doctor.

Great piece, probably a better explanation for 12's appearance than we'll actually get, too

Author's Response: Thank you very much! :) I really hope they do tackle it, and I feel like Capaldi\'s Doctor might be a good fit to do so.