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5: Part Five

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Author's Response: Yes...he\'s gone forever! Never EVER bringing him back! I\'m so happy you decided to read it and liked it!! You rock!

2013.08.22 - 11:06PM
5: Part Five

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Author's Response: I\'m happy you found it! I have happiness planned for them after all of this. I know some people who had to deal with issues like this and I wanted to show someone overcoming it when it rears its ugly head again. Hope you stick around for more in this series. :) thanks so much!!

2013.08.16 - 10:04AM
5: Part Five

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Author's Response: Hey! I was just thinking about you! Thanks Em...I thought using Jack would be best. I thought maybe using John would be kind of predictable and I didn\'t want that. Now I\'m gonna work on MFW and wallow in that almost completely romantic fluff. Such minimal angst. You rock Em!

2013.08.15 - 11:26PM
5: Part Five

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Author's Response: You rock, chica! Just awesome!! Thanks!

2013.08.15 - 10:17PM
5: Part Five

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Author's Response: WOW! Thank you so much! I\'ll be honest, I was really torn on how to write this but I\'m so happy you liked it so well. Thanks again!

2013.08.15 - 07:17PM
5: Part Five

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Author's Response: *LONG sigh* yeah I was DEFINITELY ready for this angst to end! Thank you soooo much for sticking with me! Now I can write happy ridiculously fluffiness...whew...you astound me with all your support! I\'ve needed it!! Thank yas muñeca!

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Author's Response: Oh THANK YOU!! Rough indeed...I knew I couldn\'t keep Tony out of the story any longer. If she\'s screaming like that then you know he\'s gonna hear her and be worried! I need to finish this one. I think it\'s starting to get to me...with all the hurt and angst and emotional up and down. Thanks soo much, Em!!

2013.08.11 - 10:52AM
4: Part Four

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Author's Response: Well, I wasn\'t quite sure if it fit...I mean it\'s...no I guess it\'s pretty psychological! It\'s draining, chica...but that in itself is motivation to hurry up and write it. This next part should be the last. Thank yas!!!

2013.08.11 - 08:50AM
4: Part Four

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And the bit with Tony... Rose is so consumed by her terror she sees his fear and can't comfort him. I can't even imagine. (sobs a little) Dang it, I'm tearing up again! Loved his talk with John.

Such a powerful chapter. Kudos for getting this out and doing such a tremendous job - I don't know how you did it. I think I need a hug now, so you definitely do. (hugs) Great job, ash.

Author's Response: (Hug) I definitely think hugs are in order! It was definitely a draining chapter, especially since I was envisioning all of it and could see it play out. I won\'t leave you hanging long. I think I have to put this one to bed before I can focus on MFW. And I REALLY want to focus on that one so this will come to an end soon! I only have one more part planned. The next lil stories I have planned for them are NOT like this! I have happy and sweet and fluffy!! I have three planned and if I ever get a prompt from someone that I think fits with them then maybe a few more. But I don\'t think I can do this much longer to them! They\'ve been through enough! Thanks again chica!!!

2013.08.04 - 03:40PM
3: Part Three

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Author's Response: OMG! You...you are amazing and freaking hysterical!!! I\'m so ecstatic to know you\'ve liked this so well throughout! You have no idea what a compliment that is to me! I was TERRIFIED to post–still am actually. Every chapter I post I\'m like \"Craaaaaaaaaaappppp!!!!\" If you look, I usually have apologies before each chapter lol! Thanks so much! You just rock awesomeness and you\'ve made me giggle!!!!! You should post! Do a humor short or something...I\'d totally read it because chica you are cracking me up! Thanks! *giggle*

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Author's Response: You rock!!! Thank you, Em Kay! It\'s such an emotional and difficult subject matter. And when you\'re emotionally and mentally kaput already, it\'s even harder. Thank you again. You have no idea how much I look forward to your reviews. You\'re one of like three people I always count on to be there! Makes me smile all the time.

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3: Part Three

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Author's Response: :) No worries. I knew this one was rough. It\'s such a difficult subject. Someone close to me dealt with this and I can\'t tell you how infuriated it makes me! It might be a few days longer than usual to update because I need to work on MFW. Thank you mi amiga, Tink!! (Hugs)

2013.08.04 - 12:12AM
3: Part Three

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Author's Response: I love Jack. Always ready to defend! This might take a lil to update because I need to reevaluate some things. Need to play out some scenarios in my head. Thanks chica!

2013.08.01 - 10:58AM
2: Part Two

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Author's Response: Thanks!!!!! I based her panic attack over ones I\'ve had before. Next chapter is HUGE! A LOT happens and things......oh things get bad! You rock!!!!

2013.08.01 - 04:16AM
2: Part Two

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Author's Response: Yay!! If I stay on track then the next chapter is HUGE!!! Thanks chica!!