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That was almost too much in the very best way. I loved each and every word but especially that Rose has a Gallifreyan name.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it, Bria! If Gallifreyan names are essentially descriptive of the individual, then it makes sense that Rose has a Gallifreyan name, right? Well, at least in *this* girl\'s head canon... ;-)

2013.07.27 - 03:27PM
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Is there an update on Wayward Son coming soon?? I hope so!

You can make up for the reviews in future ;-)

Author's Response: Absolutely, I will make up for the reviews. ;-) And the last chapter of WS was out this week. I\'ve started the next chapter, so I\'m hoping to finish it sometime next week.

2013.07.27 - 01:38PM
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Guh. That's all I've got since I'm also a puddle of gooh ...

Author's Response: Thanks, Fangirl10! Glad you were able to overlook Ten II. LOL!! Thanks so much for the review!

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Breathtaking!!! Simply breathtaking. My word, the depth of love, passion and intensity you manage to convey between them is astounding. This was gorgeous!!!

Author's Response: **blush**
Thank you, A! Coming from you, that means a great deal to me. :-) I\'m so glad you enjoyed it, and I\'m shocked considering the story came out in only a few hours time. I\'m sure it\'s full of horrible cliches and grammatical errors.

The first time provided quite the pyrotechnics, but the core of their relationship is a profound love for each other. I wanted to show that they didn\'t need to say a word to show that love. Thanks so much for reviewing!!

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Holy crap woman! And raspberry shower gel... Would that happen to be Philosophy Raspberry Sorbet? I may have to pick up another bottle if it elicits the same reaction from Mr. Who. {{blushing}}

Author's Response: Heehee! I did buy a little sample of Philosophy RS 3-in-1, but I\'m still in the search for that elusive aphrodisiac shower gel. ;-) Well, it works for me, just not for Mr. Bitey.

But somehow I think Rose could dab vanilla behind her ears and get the same reaction, don\'t you think? ;-)

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OK, I have now melted. Can someone please scoop me up, pour me into a jello mold and pop me into the nearest freezer? This was seriously HOT!!!

Author's Response: LOL!! Thanks!!! I was actually going into a meltdown while writing it. Hubby had better watch out. ;-)

Thanks so much for reviewing, Thanatosx49! I\'ve been a bit remiss in reviewing these days, so my apologies.

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What else can I say, but sizzling!!!! Wow!

Author's Response: Thanks, W!! I couldn\'t get it out of my head. I suppose those two were demanding a quiet moment together and wouldn\'t let me move forward until they had it. :-D It could really use some work, though.