Reviews For My Favorite Wife

2013.09.30 - 10:38AM
11: Chapter 11

This is brilliant, Ash!! Action chapters can be tough, but you wrote it marvellously. Like I told you before, making Cassandra the sister was genius and I can totally see the hate between her and Donna. Love love love!!! You rock, Ash :) Don't think otherwise.

Author's Response: You guys really are way too sweet to me! I\'d never have kept going if it wasn\'t for you guys. And you\'ve been so loyal and awesomely sweet, so thanks!! I was nervous but you\'ve been great and I just love yas for it! :) I keep thinking about all of your stories and can\'t wait!! Thanks again!

2013.09.29 - 08:35PM
11: Chapter 11

YAY for Rose!! Great job, more please :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I appreciate your input. I was thinking about it as I was typing...well that and the dress shopping you mentioned LOL. It\'s James\' turn next! :)

2013.09.29 - 06:26PM
11: Chapter 11

Oh my God....I felt like jumping in there and beating the crap out of that cow Reinette. Rose is such a badass and a fierce protector, I'm glad she got a few hits in there especially with how she spoke to Zoe. I'm just bummed Cassandra didn't get popped in the mouth too. Oh boy...if that idiot doesn't do something, I'm gonna be rooting Jack on. This was intense and I'm freaking out...I love it lol.

Author's Response: I had to have Rose go somewhat Bad Wolf on her! I PROMISE the idiot IS doing something! He\'s not putting anything off....but things will be getting more complicated! Thank you so much for your support!!!

2013.09.29 - 06:24PM
11: Chapter 11

This. Was. Perfect!!! Why were you worried? Writing action is very difficult, but you did a fantastic job. I could picture it in my head. I can see Rose holding off, but only until Reinette made Zoe cry. And LOL! Cassandra as Reinette's sister? Genius.

Author's Response: (Hugs) thanks! I\'ve not really written a scene like that before other than the last chapter in WPCTS. But I\'m thrilled it played out well! Thank you so much!!!!!

Author's Response: And by \"scene like that\" I mean action. Sorry...haven\'t eaten in like 9hrs and I\'m not making since! Lol thanks!!!

2013.09.29 - 06:17PM
11: Chapter 11

Ohmygosh, Ash!!! Whyever were you worried? This was terrific - Reinette so had this coming! I can't even describe how emotional I was getting; I literally cheered when she launched into Reinette!!
You are the best!!! I am so nervous now, but I love how you handled it.
And thanks for the anniversary wishes! (hugs)

Author's Response: I was worried because I wasn\'t sure if I could do \"cat fight\" well. This was uncharted territory for me. But, you liked it so YAY!!!! I\'m so relieved you liked it. I had so much planned for the chapter but considering this part was 3k words and I was barely a third done, I decided to cut it short. Thanks so much again!!! (Hugs)

2013.09.29 - 06:09PM
11: Chapter 11

Just when I thought I couldn't possibly hate Reinette more... The only consolation that it's sort of hard to charge a 'dead' woman with assault. James had better get his skinny arse in there and fix this.

Author's Response: Oh, I cringed when I typed her words! I wasn\'t sure if I was too much with her nastiness or not enough... James is DEFINITELY gonna come for Rose BUT.... Well, I can\'t tell you the \"but\" but there is a HUGE \"BUT\"! Thanks for reading!!!!!

2013.09.29 - 05:30PM
11: Chapter 11

Lovely!! Can't wait to see "Jamie" take care of the situation - hopefully =X

Author's Response: Thanks! Well...he does try, but something/someone may present an issue! I\'m so glad it was ok...thanks again!!