Reviews For My Favorite Wife

2013.08.22 - 11:40PM
5: Chapter 5

What?! Gah! Worst cliffhanger ever! I don't want to be pushy or anything, but I'm chomping at the bit here! Can't wait to see what happens!!

Author's Response: may wanna slap James when you read the next chapter you\'ll DEFINITELY wanna slap him! Thanks!!!

2013.08.21 - 09:22AM
5: Chapter 5

I've never seen the movie, so I'll definitely have to watch it after you finish this. Speaking of which, I cannot wait for the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: Thanks so, so, SO much! I wholeheartedly mean that! I was feeling like giving up writing altogether today and your comment gave me a boost. Thanks for that! I enjoy your stories too! Thanks again!

2013.08.20 - 04:16AM
5: Chapter 5

Brilliant! Things are getting interesting... ;)

Author's Response: Thank you!!!!! Things get all sorts of crazy after this... It\'s so great to hear from you again–thanks so much!!!!!!

2013.08.19 - 11:50PM
5: Chapter 5

Ooooh, Reinette is in need of a good HARD smack! Come to think of it, James could use one, too! But then, Rose is right…it's just hard to stay mad at that man. The inner commentary of Rose’s thoughts throughout this was priceless!

I’m going to have to murder this woman…and in front of my children, too…

LOL! You go right ahead, Rose. It’s justifiable homicide, I say. ;D

Fabulous chapter!!

Author's Response: *squeals and grins* It means the world to me that you think so highly of it!! Thanks!! I wanted to smack Reinette, too. Evil and snarky! I am gonna she\'s some light on why they even got together. Much more to come and *squeal* oh I\'m gonna have so much fun with the next one! I know I\'ve said that so many times but it\'s such a big development.... :)

2013.08.19 - 10:31PM
5: Chapter 5

Asdfghjkl I love it in the most painful way possible, this was a really gorgeous chapter! WHY CAN'T HE JUST TELL THE TRUTH!!!! And yes, I know I'm being a huge hypocrite here but TELL THE TRUTH JOHN!!!!!! (>.

Author's Response: Because James is a friggin coward!!!!!!! The movie drove me nuts because the whole time I\'m like \"what is so hard about this?!?!\" But next chapter will add another dynamic...because he\'s gonna find out about Rose\'s time on the island and let\'s just say his mind will be more focused on that than it will on Reinette!\'s all jacked up! (*wink)

And YES you are definitely being all pot/kettle! LOL You have your John tell Rose and I\'ll have my James tell!!

2013.08.19 - 12:58PM
5: Chapter 5

Oooh, my hand is just itching to connect with his oh so gorgeous face!
Great chapter but write quickly, can't leave us hanging!!:)

Author's Response: Now that I you say really wouldn\'t be the same if he doesn\'t get slapped. Hmmm...gotta think on that! I\'m so glad ya liked it. These should come quickly now that WPCTS is done! (Whew) and I\'m so excited because James finds out about \"Adam\" next!!!

2013.08.19 - 10:24AM
5: Chapter 5

(crushing you into a huge hug)
That was just fantastic, my dear!! You captured their conflicting emotions so well, especially Rose's. I adore how, even though she wants to hug him and never let go, she is giving him a hard time; he really should realize how much he's hurting her! Coward.
The girls are adorable, too, and you know I love that they're reading P&P!!! :)
Just the right mix of hurt and sweetness and humor. You nailed it, chica!

Author's Response: (huge hugs back) Thank yas, chica! He IS such a coward, isn\'t he?! He drives me nuts...and I\'m the one writing him! I wanted her to rib him a little more than she does in the movie. I\'m glad it went over well! I thought about her reading Little Red Riding Hood but (sigh) it\'s P&P!! How could I *not* choose it?! Thanks so much again, muñeca!!

2013.08.19 - 09:47AM
5: Chapter 5

Perfect chapter. I loved Rose's inner monologue. Poor James {{lol Jamie}}. Rose is right. Reinette knows nothing about the man she married.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I thought about using \"Angel\" but I couldn\'t bring myself to do it. It\'s almost like nails on a chalkboard hearing it! LOL. I\'m not sure when, but I\'m gonna show more of Reinette\'s true feelings towards James. But... next chapter, James finds out why Rose decided to use the alias \"Eve\"...*giggle*

2013.08.19 - 09:41AM
5: Chapter 5

I love this chapter!! Rose playing with and reading to the little girls was the sweetest and totally had me misty eyed. So looking forward to the next chapter!! You rock, Ash :)

Author's Response: Aww..YAY! Thanks! Believe it or not, I was actually kinda proud of this chapter. Shocking, I know! I\'m so happy that you liked it...and I can\'t wait till your next chapter is up! *squeal* Because YOU rock, too!!