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Oh My God! How is it possible that I missed this? Smoking Hot and just perfect! I just adore this! Wow! I love the gritty realism of this, the urgency, the sweat and alcohol. I adore his tenuous grasp on control and how his jealousy of a man who sounds a lot like Ten tipping him over the edge. Thank you for this! Brilliantly done!

2014.09.21 - 04:45PM
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Wow! Hawt - and I too will headcanon the idea that it's Ten making it happen.

2013.08.03 - 05:07PM
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Not only is this beautifully written (yet again I'm loving your writing style) but you also hit several of my kinks with this too so it's definitely going in my bookmarks.

Jealous/possessive Doctor, be in Nine or Ten, always works for me, as does wall sex, or in this case up against the TARDIS sex, lol

I see I'm also not the only one who instantly just accepted that her dance partner was Ten either. My mind immediately decided he had popped back at some point to push things along because he remembered being made jealous on the night, and didn't realise who it was she was dancing with until he became that man.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I need a cold drink, or maybe a shower, lol

Author's Response: Oh gosh, thank you! I\'m glad it worked for you: possessive nine is definitely not my go-to characterisation, so this was a bit out of my comfort zone!

2013.07.20 - 01:13AM
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Stunning and wonderful!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Author's Response: And thank you, again!

2013.07.10 - 11:54PM
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That was indescribably HOT!

Author's Response: Hahaha thank you!

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Author's Response: I was wondering if you\'d find this ;)! I\'m glad you did - and that it was worth coming back to! Thank you for reading and reviewing!!!

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Author's Response: Ahaha thank you, I think ;)!

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Author's Response: Thank you :)!

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I'm so impressed (as always, with you) at how perfectly this came together. You have teasing, testing Rose, a jealous Nine, TARDIS door sex... Everything I've ever needed in my life. I love that there was no hesitance once The Doctor finally succumbed to his desires; I feel like he would be very hard to persuade away from his course of action once he committed to it. I would like a follow up chapter, where he IS on his knees, worshipping her...legs ;)

Author's Response: Ahahaha thank youuuu :D The Doctor is very much a man with a plan - he\'s very determined, once he sets his sights on something! But, of course, so is Rose ;) Glad you enjoyed it :D!

2013.07.07 - 04:23PM
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You've done it--turned the Pacific Northwest into a steam bath. Whoo! That was achingly hot, and so beautifully written. I just love these two!

Author's Response: Ahahaha thank you :D! Glad that you enjoyed it!

2013.07.07 - 02:29PM
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This fic is amazing. I like when it's set, and how you mention future dance timelines, making this into a fixed point instead. Rose is the perfect mix of all that she is--bold, fun, frustrated, brave, and desperately in love with him. And I don't think I've ever read a better fic of the inside of Nine's head before, concerning Rose. This fic is filled with amazing observations, great lines, like this one: This is her blocking the exits, cutting off any hope of escape: there’s no running from this question I loved that line! I loved this fic. I loved the sex up against the TARDIS door but the UST was even hotter, does that make any sense? I sometimes dislike nightclkub fic scenes because they often seem like an excuse for the Doctor to get Rose out of play, but instead you've turned that trope around, made HIM the one who makes them go, and you send him out on the dance floor and they challenge each other and he's the one who doesn't want to leave, who's willing to go as far as she'll let him go right there in the music and the lights. Brilliant, fantastic Rose and Nine. Going into the favorites folder!

Author's Response: Oh gosh, thank you!!! I had completely forgotten that most nightclub fics start with Rose or Jack convincing the Doctor to take them there - I wanted the Doctor to have missed the mark on what Rose wanted, thinking it\'d be better to have noise and alcohol than a discussion about ~*feelings*~. Thank you for reading and reviewing :D!

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Excuse me while I turn up the A/C. This was one hot fic that hit all the right notes. So much was said between the Doctor and Rose during the events of "Father's Day". This is a perfect follow on from there. It wouldn't have taken much to push the Doctor over the edge and Rose dancing with another pretty boy would certainly do it. I enjoy how you portray Rose as not following, but as a partner in their erotic dance to claim each other. I wonder what the TARDIS thought of the Doctor shagging Rose against her outer walls. Your smut writing skills are awesome. There is so much more than sex going on and you do a wonderful job of bringing the characters emotions into play. You wrote possessive!Nine very well. Thank you for posting!

Author's Response: Ohhh thank you! Possessive!Nine is very far from my actual headcanon for his character (I like to think of him as sweet and gentle and fumbling, once he gets over his insecurity and realises that he doesn\'t need to control Rose\'s life). It was really important to me that I showed Rose being just as manipulative and into the \"dance\" as he was, otherwise it wouldn\'t work for my brain.

2013.07.07 - 11:22AM
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I loved this so much. I also like Whoville's headcanon. When I read it, it was 3am and I had just woken up with a baby so my reading comprehension was a bit askew. I took the 10-like guy as just someone who was very similar, and the Doctor inadvertently used him as a template when he regenerated because of how Rose was all over him. I enjoy it much better to imagine it was actually Ten going back to make himself jealous so they would have a physical relationship. In fact I demand more fics like that. Post GitF comes to mind.

Author's Response: Oh, but I love the idea of the Doctor just using the pretty boy as a template, though, so I wouldn\'t worry about your reading comprehension ;) I think all the interpretations have been valid. And shhhh don\'t give me fic ideas I am swamped as it is :P Thank you for reviewing!!!

2013.07.07 - 11:06AM
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ooh, I love whoville's interpretation! I was thinking more along the lines of happy Ten from series 2, coming back to ensure that what was supposed to happen, happened. But there is that mention that him dancing with her here changes the timeline, and supersedes an upcoming scene that includes dancing and innuendo (I do hope they still meet Jack in this timeline though). Also, the tenth Doctor will undoubtedly have a lot more memories of them together now. Maybe I can even go further with this fantasy scenario, and say that Bad Wolf is delayed, and Doomsday is prevented in this timeline too. But then this wouldn't be post Doomsday Ten, or it would be but his timeline also changes as a result. Or would that be a paradox? It would be wouldn't it? And now my head hurts. Must have caffeine before considering complicated time travel scenarios.

Thanks for leaving it open to interpretation, and also for writing outside of your comfort zone with this one. I know I will come back to re-read it again, and again (as is true with so many of your stories)!
Also, I'm sorry for submitting this 3 times. I'm on a mobile device, and kept spotting errors. I have a very hard time not correcting them.

Author's Response: It\'s really exciting as an author to see people interpreting things deliberately left open in different ways (much better than them trying to work out plot holes, for one!). I love that this one scenario might undo Doomsday, or might just hurry along their relationship beforehand. Thank you for reviewing, and I\'m so glad that you think you\'ll re-read it :D