2013.09.10 - 12:38AM
1: Chapter 1

I really enjoyed this sweet series of fics, and this one had a slightly scary edge to it that I appreciated. I liked how it was a perfectly mundane sort of evil that was endangering this time, and that they (as so often), just blundered into the middle of it.

I hope you have more Three & Jo stories!

Author's Response: I liked this one, too. They always seem to be stumbling into trouble, don\'t they? I have two stories that I hope to post soon; one is darker, one is lighter, so I have to post them at the same time to give my readers some balance. :) Thanks again for all of your kind reviews!

2013.07.10 - 09:27PM
1: Chapter 1

On the one hand, this is much darker than televised Doctor Who fare, but on the other hand it's so Three and Jo. Jo and her "I will never give up and always be loving and optimistic even though I'm slightly too incompetent to do what I'm attempting to do" outlook on life.

Also, am I a terrible person if, "Don't worry, Jo. The Brigadier is bound to see Bessie sitting there unattended and investigate.", made me laugh in an "That is so Doctor Who in its best 'as you know' exposition-ing" way?

Author's Response: Thank you, LunaRowena! Yes, this particular story is darker. In many of the televised shows, the Doctor and Jo were put into \"dangerous\" situations, so I decided to expand on what they might be thinking at the time. I love how you described Jo! That is the perfect description, and it is definitely why she is myfavorite companion. And that bit about the Brigadier coming to the rescue just seemed exactly like something the Doctor would say. I have lots of fun writing these stories, so I appreciate it when someone else enjoys it, too!

2013.07.06 - 06:54PM
1: Chapter 1

I'm crying! Send help!
I really hope you have more of these!

Author's Response: Don\'t you worry, Felicity! You haven\'t seen the last of me... or rather, the last of the Doctor and Jo. I\'ve plenty more in the works. :)