Reviews For Rose's Rewrite

2022.06.16 - 02:52AM
1: Rose's Rewrite

Love your ending way better! Excellent! :>))

Author's Response: Thanks! It’s definitely a cuckoo premise but I couldn’t help myself lol

2015.08.26 - 08:45PM
1: Rose's Rewrite


Author's Response: :) thnx!!!

2014.09.28 - 09:03PM
1: Rose's Rewrite

Yup Rose's ending was much better :D

Author's Response: ☺ Thanks!!

2013.10.17 - 01:35PM
1: Rose's Rewrite

Hah, I always kinda had a thing for the characters in the story to suddenly try protest about the script ;D I got to tell you, that I like this ending better too! They should hire Rose for their scripts writing, that's what I think. :P On a serious note... it was heartbreaking to know that Rose left the show willingly... sigh. Oh well! That's why there's fanfics!

Author's Response: I KNOW!! I was NOT aware she left willingly!! Fanfics help with our shipper depression :P I\'m so happy ya like it! ♥

2013.09.23 - 12:26PM
1: Rose's Rewrite

LOL! Woohoo! This almost made me spew my tea when Rose yelled out for a script. Very fun, thanks!

Author's Response: Oh thanks!!! I had this idea nagging at me when I was writing another story and it made me giggle! Thanks happy you liked it!

2013.09.09 - 09:37PM
1: Rose's Rewrite

Oh my gosh! This is cute and funny and perfect! :) Rose changing the ending ... if only. *sigh*

Author's Response: Aww!! Thanks!! If only, if only... It\'s nice to write where she does change things. Thanks so much again!!!

2013.08.26 - 09:09PM
1: Rose's Rewrite

This is absolutely crack-tastic in the best way possible! I can totally see this as something Rose would do, in probable as it may be. All in all I loved it, thanks so much!

Author's Response: Wow!! Thank YOU so much!! I really had a huge goofy grin the whole time I envisioned this lil story. I\'m so happy you liked it!

2013.07.01 - 10:02AM
1: Rose's Rewrite

Headcannon accepted! I LOVE this,if only Billie hadn decided to leave then we could have Rose on show for a longtime

Author's Response: Thanks!! I knowlove her and will always be my all time favorite! Thanks so much!

2013.06.29 - 02:36AM
1: Rose's Rewrite

Oh yes... there is so much possiblity in Rose being able to rewrite in oh, so very many scenes!! Me likey!

Author's Response: Lol! So glad!! Thank yas!

2013.06.24 - 06:07PM
1: Rose's Rewrite

Officially one of my AU headcanons!!! I agree with the Doctor, I definitely like this ending MUCH better as well!!! *sigh* *giggle* *sigh* ;)

Author's Response: LOL holy crap that amazing!!!!!! I can\'t tell you how awesome you are in my book right now LOL!! **huge goofball smile** thanks just isn\'t enough! Oh btwyou\'re story takes amazing to new heights! Thank yas again!!❤

2013.06.23 - 05:09AM
1: Rose's Rewrite

Oh the could have beens hey. I love this piece. Sweet and funny and definitely much better then what happened.

Author's Response: I know....the what shoulda beens...that\'s why this beautiful lil site is in existence. Thanks sooo much for reading and I am soo happy you liked it!

2013.06.22 - 09:51PM
1: Rose's Rewrite

I actually did a fist pump in the air. This is hysterical and amazing! :D

Author's Response: OMG that\'s awesome!! LOL! I\'m so thrilled ya liked it!!! You just made my face burst into a ridiculous smile--so you ROCK for that!! ♫

2013.06.21 - 11:21PM
1: Rose's Rewrite

I can't stop giggling. That was wonderful crack - I LOVE IT!!! :)

Author's Response: Thanks chica! I was right in the middle of writing my update and had Rose crying and this idea came to me and I couldn\'t help but giggle and stopped everything and wrote it! Such a nice lil break! Thanks again chica!! ♥

2013.06.21 - 10:25PM
1: Rose's Rewrite

Hahaha--perfect crack! In another universe, this totally happened! :)

Author's Response: LOL glad you liked it! In my universe, multiple variations of this happened. I don\'t do well with unhappy endings. Too much crap in the world to put up with them! Thanks again!!

2013.06.21 - 08:05PM
1: Rose's Rewrite

LOL I'm grinning like a fool!

Author's Response: LOL thanks so much girlie! I\'m writing the update to the other story and I was coming out of a teary part and this craziness came out of nowhere! So I had to write it! ☺