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Brilliant and hilarious. I just actually howled with laughter. Thank you again for your genius contributions.

2015.05.09 - 10:55PM
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How have I not read this before tonight? What lovely fun this is. You are quickly filling up my favorites list. Diving back in for more.

2013.12.20 - 05:55AM
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Hello, dear author! Do you mind if i translate your text into Russian and publish it for Russian-speaking audience, certainly with an indication of your authorship and a link to the original text? I promise to keep all the unique color of the text. My sister will help me, she knows English fluently. Besides, I have a lot of followers, so more than six hundred whovians will have a chance to read your masterpiece! With all my respect, thank you anyway! :)

This is a link to my publications http://ficbook.net/authors/Captain+M.S

Author's Response: It\'s ok with me. I\'ve had a few other people translate a couple of my other fics (and I don\'t know what the protocol is for who can translate what, multiple translations, etc.), but if you\'re up for it, I think it\'d be neat! Thanks!

2013.06.22 - 06:21PM
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I am so pleased to have found another installment of your series. Your Certain Dark Things stories are my favorite in Teaspoon.

Author's Response: Thank you! I have several more in the works, but it feels like it takes me forever to get them done. I\'m glad you\'re enjoying them!

2013.04.16 - 08:26PM
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Author's Response: Thank you!

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Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, I always wondered what was up with Rose appearing in those video monitors. We got so little Dimension Cannon explanation! I\'m glad you enjoyed the story!

2013.04.11 - 12:58PM
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Hooray for more fic from you! I really liked the explanation about why Rose's head appeared on those video screens. It made the typing exchange that much mroe effective. Please, continue!!

Author's Response: Thanks! There will definitely be more in the series!

2013.04.10 - 10:47PM
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This is perfection!

(and is now headcannon.) I can so imagine Ten acting like that, but picturing it as Nine instead just about had me rolling on the floor XD

Author's Response: Thank you! Woo, headcanon! And lol, yes, there are many possible versions of the Doctor who could play that role. But I\'ll never tell which one it was!

2013.04.10 - 08:29PM
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This story was a piece of comedic genius. Poor Rose, and Mickey, struggling with the technology of the Dimension Canon must have been so frustrating. It is totally possible they had a back up plan and you hit it on the head! I online conversation between the Doctor and Rose (aka Daisy) was side splitting. It needs a snort warning of its very own.

Thanks for the laugh :)

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, the building of the Dimension Cannon could probably be a book all on its own. It must have been a HUGE problem, but all we see in the show is Rose popping in with it.

2013.04.10 - 07:14PM
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Author's Response: Thank you! And lol, I\'ll never tell!

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Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, I figured I couldn\'t write a dimension hopping series without touching on the S4 video bits. I\'m glad it worked for you!

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Author's Response: Thank you!

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Author's Response: Lol, very true. Veeerrry very true.

2013.04.10 - 04:59PM
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This series of yours is absolutely fantastic, and your latest is absolutely hilarious. Rose's texts being interpreted as basically a dirty phone call... there are just no words. And I have to say, your version of Rose's struggles with and travels with the dimension cannon are absolutely my headcanon. I can't imagine myself ever writing anything about her dimensional travels because yours are so perfect.

Author's Response: Thank you! Lol, I wasn\'t sure if this should be a serious fic or a funny one...but hopefully it worked out. But please, don\'t let me stop you writing! It\'s a really excellent genre -- lots of possibility and not a lot of canon.