2017.02.20 - 12:41PM
1: Part One

He should really not be allowed to be that f*cking hot while talking all science-y.
Love this. Just amazingly written

Author's Response: Haha! ;) Thank you!

2015.03.08 - 06:20PM
2: Part Two

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Author's Response: *grins* Thank you!

2014.02.21 - 10:48AM
2: Part Two

Multiple Time Lord Orgasms... nods, yep... definitely.

Author's Response: He\'s certainly a man of many talents! Lucky Rose, eh?!

2014.02.21 - 10:47AM
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Three words,,, just three: Time Lord Bottom...

Author's Response: Says it all, right??!! ;D

2013.09.18 - 02:00PM
2: Part Two

You're one of the few who can write an actual LOVE scene and not just smut, while making it indescribably hot at the same time. WOW. That's all. Wow.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so, so much! I think love and emotional depth are the essential elements to love scenes themselves, and I\'m very glad to hear that came across here.

2013.04.23 - 09:55PM
1: Part One

I absolutely love your work, all of it, every little story, short it just describes Ten and Rose so well. Not to mention you've distinctively have captured their voices. Now, there was a son you mentioned in another 'verse... 'tis wondering about his next appearance, y'know bond and all that. =] Cheers, though I truly enjoy your work!

Author's Response: Thank you so very, very much for such a compliment! I\'m truly flattered, and so happy to know you\'ve enjoyed my work. And ah yes, the Doctor and Rose did have a son together in a previous \'verse. I haven\'t made a definite decision on whether there will be any babies for them in this particular series. But never say never ever, eh? ;)

2013.04.21 - 01:59PM
2: Part Two

Besides "Wow!", I honestly don't know what to say. This was incredible.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much, again! This is the danger of these two letting the sexual tension reach critical levels before doing something about it. ;)

2013.04.21 - 01:32PM
1: Part One

I initially read this over my phone and didn't post a review. So, that meant, of course, that I would just have to read it again. I *loved* that you mentioned the sideburns. Nothing brings the Doctor's face to me more than that. And because of that, the images that this entire chapter brought forth where that much more vivid.
I'm surprised that they both have been able to hold out as long as they have. The sexual tension is incredible, but the best part is that we know that they're able to do something about it.
Great little interlude to the main story.

Author's Response: :D Thank you very much! And especially for taking the time to re-read and review! I just HAD to give due mention of the sideburns, and it\'s quite possible recent pics of DT influenced me in that regard. ;) It\'s safe to say I share Rose\'s opinion!

2013.04.19 - 07:55PM
2: Part Two

Another example of your brilliant writing! Fantastically written!

Author's Response: I am truly grateful for such a compliment. Thank you very, very much!

2013.04.16 - 06:53PM
2: Part Two

I totally forgot I wouldn't get a chapter update email and found this earlier by mistake. A pleasant surprise, but I really shouldn't read it at work!

You continue on with the Doctor's emotive expression and supplement it even more than before with a substantial number of vocal instances that say more than words how much the intimate combination of physical and mental contact with Rose affects him. Of all your brilliant work, this is for sure the most connected you've shown them to be and the most visibly and audibly you've portrayed the Doctor coming undone, and the most real. Absolutely delicious indulgence! Being out of sync doesn't even matter, because if anything it highlights the mysteriously elusive nature of what exactly does it for someone. A mystery sounds like something they fit right into pursuing together. ^_~

And may I say, the Doctor SO cheated. Then again, I'm sure Rose isn't complaining! I'm with Rose in that she was captivated by the way the Doctor responded to "her every move". This paragraph is by far my favorite, showing like no other just how focused on Rose he is. Now THAT is in sync. You had me practically melting.

I also appreciated how what did it for Rose was, of course with the help of everything leading up to this point but in the end, his love for her and the way he could show it to her, once again, with those ever-expressive eyes of his.

It's been said already that this is much more than just sex. I'd like to take that further and say it's more than what sex often is, but it's what it was always meant to be.

Perfect ending line, I must say! You've outdone yourself. A true masterpiece in the expression of love!

Author's Response: I\'m so glad you came upon it! And hopefully found a suitable moment to duck away at work... ;D It\'s safe to say I am once again humbled by such a review. Thank you VERY much! They\'ve had so many missteps along the way to getting here, and it seemed almost fitting for them that it might not be \"perfect\" throughout, yet they still made it work quite well in the end, much like their relationship as a whole. And the struggle of trying to have a scene involving sex encompass something deeper was totally made worthwhile by your ending comments. Thank you isn\'t quite adequate, but I\'ll say it again. Thank you!!

2013.04.16 - 05:35PM
2: Part Two

OMG, A... I've read this three times now, and I'm speechless. It's so BEAUTIFUL, it makes me want to cry! I don't even know what to say. You are truly gifted, my dear. This is so not about sex, but the love these two have for each other comes through like a freight train. It's gorgeous to the extreme, and the fact that the Doctor came undone a tad bit ahead of time lends such realism to it. Love, love, love this story so much!!

Author's Response: Oh, I just can\'t tell you how much that means or thank you enough! Wow. Now you\'ve left ME speechless! I\'m incredibly happy to know you enjoyed it so much. I always strive to keep the \"love\" in love scenes and balance the physical with the emotional, but it\'s tough. The challenge, however, was certainly more than worthwhile to hear such lovely feedback!

2013.04.16 - 10:13AM
2: Part Two

Intense and lovely. I must say that adored Rose's reactions to him - "entranced" by the way he was so responsive and focused just on her, making him nearly speechless, and knowing how he felt without needing the words. Loved the humanness of this too, the not-quite-perfectness which really makes it more so. Gorgeous. Eager to see how they move forward now.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much! Sometimes for the Doctor, I think his actions/reactions can speak more than his words, and in combination with allowing Rose to feel his emotions there\'s finally a point of mutual connection and growth beyond what they\'d achieved thus far. They\'re certainly in a far better place to now move forward. And it only took them 20 or so chapters of working on it! ;)

2013.04.15 - 08:47AM
2: Part Two

Trust the Doctor to hesitate at the beginning, but Rose wasn't about to let that get out of hand! And so...ahem...that was scorching! I loved the touch of banter between them. And the reality of what can happen at the crucial moment - well done for that! Then what followed makes us all wish human men had the Doctor's ability to recover so quickly! ;)

Author's Response: ;D Thank you! Rose definitely wasn\'t going to put up with any more hesitation on his part at THIS point. She might not have survived! And thankfully for her sake he was able to make up for the first round...that talented man. ;)

2013.04.14 - 04:56PM
2: Part Two

First off, that was very hot! I really love it in stories when he is straining so hard to maintain control and then suddenly learns he can't, that some things can't be like his reaction to Rose and what she can give him. The fact that this happen during something so intensely intimate was a perfect choice. Then, of course, he had to make it right for round 2! Very well done WhoMe!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so, so much! Like the Doctor said, his days of control are done for. At least in certain...respects. ;) And he\'s finally okay with that -- has learned he can just let go. And then luckily for Rose he can give her the opportunity to catch up with second attempts if needed!

2013.04.14 - 02:45AM
2: Part Two

Oh my! Very hot! Now time for a very cold shower.

Author's Response: Same here. ;) These two should come with the caution of a Heat Advisory.