2013.06.07 - 06:32AM
5: Chapter 5

Loved this! Great job, lots of emotion. Keep writing :)

Author's Response: Thank you!!!

2013.06.04 - 11:39PM
5: Chapter 5

I know this is a late review...but I LOVE this one!! I actually read it already but hadn't written a review but I thought you deserved praise for this. It is one of my top favorites! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!! ♫

Author's Response: Thanks!!! I am so happy you liked it. And thanks for the lovely review!

2013.04.05 - 05:55PM
2: Chapter 2

Of course Rose would not sit still in a mode of depression...she would better herself and do what was needed until they found each other again because she believed it would happen...still not sure what to make of her weakness...is is due to the Doctor trying to contact her or is it more...anxious for next update.

Author's Response: I agree completely... Rose is so strong, even in the midst of things she doesn\'t understand. Thanks for reviewing! I hope you like the last chapter (should have it up in the next week or so).

2013.03.16 - 07:56AM
1: Chapter 1

Beautiful angst!!. This was lovely, and what I have thought so many times:

He wished so desperately that he could do more. Losing her this way, so much sooner than even heíd expected, even though it confirmed his fears of losing her, revealed to him just how much he had sacrificed to protect himself. And it hadnít worked. All those walls, walls that he had built between them, still hadnít saved his hearts. The irony wasnít lost on him. The consuming pain and loss he felt now... had he really believed that holding himself back would somehow have made this less? Coward, he chastised himself. Three hearts are broken, and instead of memories of love to carry with you forever, you are left only with regret. He leaned against the console, weary and bereft.

Looking forward to more.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am so grateful for your kind feedback and encouragement.