2013.03.10 - 03:50PM
1: Rose, Free-Falling Through My Hearts

This fic is like a love letter. A beautiful heartfelt love letter with a little bit of plot tossed in for good measure. The Doctor and Rose say everything that needs saying with their bodies, but seem to be unable to say it all verbally.

This was my favorite part.
"I can make time caress you, Rose, like a long, excruciatingly thorough, slowly tantalizing tongue. What I can do with time, Rose Tyler–" He whispered into her ear, nibbling where his fancy took him. "–will thrill you even more than what I do with space."

Thank you for posting :)

Author's Response: You\'re welcome, and thanks for the wonderful comments. What you quoted is one of my favourite bits from my LMCTW contributions. I admit I\'m proud of it... it\'s just so him At that point (the way we set the series up), that was the only way he could tell her, and she him... So, yes we were reading their love letters to each other.

2013.03.10 - 01:50PM
1: Rose, Free-Falling Through My Hearts

Well written but as with the Doctor and the show itself, most unkind to Adam. He didn't pass out twice and didn't pass out in the TARDIS. At the same time, the original script has Adam sending info back to the present to save his dad from a disease. The one where Adam had his head implanted was the only one from that season that I hated.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading. Adam trying to save his dad would have made a much stronger story. The one they filmed didn\'t give Cathica or Adam enough time and fleshing out to make the point I think they wanted to make. Where did you find the first draft? I\'ve looked everywhere I can think of for early drafts. Would you please send me a message at lj; I\'d be most appreciative. The story arc that this Adam fits into began in our LMCTW \"Dalek\" rewrite and the motivations are different. It\'s in BWR; the information is in my notes for the series and for ep 1.