Reviews For A Pira

2018.06.22 - 08:20PM
1: Chapter 1

This is a lovely story to read, both for its detail and description, and for its capture of the Doctor's thoughts, feelings, and insecurities in the wonderful internal monolog. For me, almost nothing surpasses internal monolog in revealing the person if the voice is honest and true to the character. It's especially so for the taciturn Ninth Doctor. And you have perfectly achieved this in your vignette. Thank you.

2013.09.11 - 07:36PM
1: Chapter 1

This has got to be one of my all time favorite DW one shots of all time. A little bit of angst, a little bit heart wrenching with the lightest touch of romance.
It's kind of perfect.

Author's Response: Aww, thanks!

2013.02.27 - 09:29PM
1: Chapter 1

A very sweet moment, perfect for Valentine's Day. I like how you handled the tension -serious, funny, kind. I am now studying the subtle differences of "further" and "farther".

Author's Response: Thank you! And lol, yes, the further/farther thing was definitely my favorite bit of this. I think I actually wrote the fic around that sentence. Thanks for noticing!

2013.02.20 - 08:25AM
1: Chapter 1

Loved the vivid description of the setting and of the Doctor's inner struggle. Lovely and tender.

Author's Response: Thank you! The setting was fun to research -- I\'m glad you enjoyed it.

2013.02.15 - 10:36AM
1: Chapter 1

The sweetness of this story is wonderful. Everything was perfect, from Jack's knowing look to the Doctor/Rose cuddle. The Doctor will always suffer for Rose's good and will never think he deserves her affection. Poor Doctor.

Crisis averted....for now:
And just like that, it's over—crisis averted. He should have known—holding her hand is always enough to tip the scales in favor of sanity, even when she's the one driving him crazy. Really, he shouldn't find it so surprising.

Thanks for posting!

Author's Response: Thanks! And yes, sometimes the Doctor gets a little too dedicated to his angst -- but hey, that\'s what companions are for!

2013.02.15 - 09:28AM
1: Chapter 1

So sweet! The Doctor is such a teddy bear. A big sexy, leather clad teddy bear.

Author's Response: And how! Thanks!

2013.02.15 - 07:21AM
1: Chapter 1

I know that I have read some of your stories before, and I'm rereading right now all of those that I haven't, but this one brought me here this morning! I decided to check the recent uploads, and I'm glad I did!

This was really sweet. I could practically feel the sweaty, no doubt thoroughly bumpy and uncomfortable bus, and why do I have the feeling that that's what traveling with the Doctor is about more often than not? ;) Perhaps second to running for one's life, though. But! The mental image of Rose being all drowsy and sweet and Jack being only slightly smug is one of the most adorable things ever. Just the thing to keep the dreams of Daleks away. Sleep now, but when I wake up, totally continuing my quest of reading!

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m glad you enjoyed it. And yeah, I imagine that travelling with the Doctor is frequently uncomfortable -- just think of poor Donna in the snow! Oh, and thanks for the rereads!

2013.02.15 - 06:11AM
1: Chapter 1

you have captured the Doctor's feeling so well through internal dialogue.

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m glad it worked.