Reviews For Hour of the Wolf

2013.04.27 - 06:46AM
10: Fate of the WatchTower

I stumbled across this story while looking for a proper Fifth Doctor adventure and am delighted after I decided to give it a try. Brilliant job! I must say, I wasn't expecting the twist at the very end after all of that time spent with classic characters, but I like it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it!

2013.02.08 - 02:09PM
7: Bikini Time

I'm loving this, interesting concepts, great characterisation and really well written... and kudos to you for not only taking on three companions, but deliberately adding a fourth character to the mix, and still giving them all something to do! You're either very brave or.... I won't finish that sentence. You're very brave! :) Keep writing! xx

Author's Response: Thank you! And definitely not brave, but possibly very foolish. Hope you continue to enjoy!

2013.02.06 - 07:58AM
7: Bikini Time

"avoiding certain death was easy, avoiding imminent death is rather... well, trickier" -- Isn't it just? Looking forward to more. And if by chance you'd like a beta, I'd be interested. Welcome back to the fandom. :) Look forward to conversing about/reading more of your work.

2013.02.06 - 07:50AM
6: Reunion

Glad to see them all back together. It's funny how my brain immediately switches to One's voice when he's talking to Ian. And I do so love when the Doctor rambles. :)

2013.02.06 - 07:37AM
4: Who shot who in the what now?

WOAH! Really? Wasn't expecting him, that's for sure...

My favorite thing about this chapter was definitely the first paragraph. The abrupt change in tone was jarring enough to force me to read slower (and aloud) to really grasp what was being said. The scientific explanation made perfect sense. And most of all, the allusion to genocide in the history of the Time Lords immediately brought to mind fragments of lesser-known canon (or what I consider to be canon; specifically re: information on Rassilon as recovered in the Divergent Universe) that made my heart pitter patter a bit. You are a writer who knows what you're talking about, just in case I hadn't been able to tell that already from the beautiful characterization of a classic Doctor (a choice of topic that's less "review rewarding" than Ten/Rose for sure). You've officially gained my respect. :)

Nyssa's feelings of... is it right to call it rejection? Insecurity? made me pause to think and evaluate. I find the whole dynamic between Nyssa/5/Tegan to be fascinating. I've considered at some length the "jealousy" issues re: the Doctor (in a rather "schoolgirl-crush" sort of way, I think) balanced with the fact that Tegan is quite rightly her best friend. But it hadn't even occurred to me that her feelings could be directed toward the Mara of all things. Quickly silenced by logic and reason, as Nyssa would always have them, but there, if repressed, nevertheless. I'm going to have to give that some more thought.

2013.02.06 - 07:22AM
3: Drumlin Blues

Hmm... Time scoop? And oh look! More running! :-P Still loving Osha.

2013.02.06 - 07:16AM
2: Rainfall

I've just decided I like Osha. The way she handled herself in the unusual circumstances - not to mention the way she handled the Doctor and his "science" - was quite impressive. Had to giggle at the mention of the celery, too - another instance of "where did these people get their fashion advice?" I also like her because she's not your typical OC for a fandom with a lot of young writers who want to be the characters in their own stories. She's a grandmother. LOVE that. Nice way to hold the suspense, too, with the coming rain. And it brought the chapter to a nice close in the end. ;)

2013.02.06 - 07:06AM
1: The WatchTower

"She’d named him Adric for a variety of reasons." -- That's where you hooked me. lol The irritability in Tegan's tone, so much like her, made the explanation and setup flow very nicely. Nyssa and the "cuteness factor" - also classic. And while it may seem an unusual thing to strike a reader, I actually really liked the fact that someone noticed Nyssa's clothes being... peculiar. lol

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your many comments! I\'ve always found it odd how people in the tv series completely ignore the outfits, but perhaps there\'s always so many other strange things going on! (and the Adric line was one of my faves, but I worried if it was \'too soon\' after Earthshock!).

2013.01.31 - 09:25PM
6: Reunion

Oh, dear! Exciting and dangerous. Well done. I liked how you had Osha decide that what she admonished the Doctor about wasn't really her opinion at all.

2013.01.31 - 09:13PM
4: Who shot who in the what now?

Wonderful reveal.

2013.01.31 - 09:00PM
2: Rainfall

Well that's an extremely interesting set of problems. I like your support characters so far, too.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This one was fun to start, my love of meerkats kept me going! I always wanted to go on those expeditions (they\'re real, but not cheap!).