Reviews For State of Confusion

2015.03.02 - 12:24AM
17: Gallifrey

This might have been my favorite chapter of this book. Rose looking over to see the fifty-six year old Doctor was simply beautiful. He seemed so sad, so sweet... The kiss as transition to the version she knows, oh, I loved that. I think I read this section three times before I moved on.

Thank you!

Author's Response: That was one of my favorite scenes, I think. :)

2015.01.02 - 07:43PM
23: The Situation

I'm really enjoying this and eager to see where it goes. Your portrayl of River is spot on. Thanks!

Author's Response: Thanks. :) Six books into this series now and sometimes I wonder if I\'ll ever be finished! lol

2014.05.06 - 02:23PM
23: The Situation

You Owe Them: One actual honeymoon, free from brain draining energy beings. That is all.

Author's Response: \"Practicalities\". :-P Which I worked in especially for you, in spite of my general tendency to lean towards the angst that feeds right into Doomsday (which is the story after this in canon). And I may at some point add to the adventures between this series before going back to canon, but I don\'t know.

2014.05.06 - 12:52PM
16: Traces of Energy

THAT, right there, that last bit. That is the hands-down sexiest thing I have ever read. Ever.

Author's Response: lol What\'s funny is that I knew exactly the line you were talking about before I went and looked at it. And yes, \"mind sex\" takes on a whole new meaning with the Doctor. lmao Even when there\'s no sex involved.

2013.11.06 - 12:53PM
23: The Situation

Oh man. Ohmanohmanohman. I'm devouring this story. It's so good!! Is it weird that Next Stop Everything was running through my head as I read the last scene? ;)

Author's Response: lol It was kind of odd to get used to writing a series where each book leads right into the next. Four books in, I think I\'m finally getting the hang of it. Glad you enjoyed and hope you continue to enjoy the rest of the series.

2013.11.06 - 10:46AM
21: Enjoined

Oh my. That was a treat. I read a lot of Whofic and this chapter is sexier than some entire stories I've read. ;) So glad he finally came to his senses!

Author's Response: lol Yeah, it gets to the point where you just feel like screaming, \"Shut up and DO her already!\" :-P Glad you enjoyed it.

2013.11.05 - 10:11PM
16: Traces of Energy

This is brilliant and I keep meaning to leave reviews but then I get caught up reading the next chapter and before I know it, I'm 15 chapters in. ;) I am so, so excited to keep reading this. You capture both of them so well! And the plot is all twisty and turny and the romance! Eep! The kisses are killin' me!

Author's Response: I always thought those two did sexual tension so very well. :) In a lovey romance kind of way...

2013.07.30 - 07:33PM
1: Prologue

Can't tell you how much I love this! Keep it up. I must get some work done, but I will be devouring what you have up of the next book tonight! Thanks :-)

Author's Response: lol Good to know! I\'ve actually got the next few books done but haven\'t been bothering to post since no one seems to be reading. So it was good to hear from somebody who is, and I\'m glad you enjoyed it. :)

2013.04.04 - 03:26AM
23: The Situation

:) I should've gone to bed at 9:00pm last night but I stayed up till 11:25pm reading this story. It is SOOO good- I cannot wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: *chuckles* I\'m glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully your day isn\'t full of busy stuff so you\'ll get a chance to take a nap! :-P

2013.03.23 - 03:08PM
23: The Situation

Curioser and curioser....

Author's Response: Indeed :)

2013.03.23 - 03:03PM
22: Honeymoon

Love the way you edged back into cannon there.

Author's Response: Those little clips from canon at the beginning of Doomsday were largely what fueled if not inspired this book. :)

2013.03.23 - 02:57PM
21: Enjoined

Really great, but this totally sold it:

"Tell me to stop," he breathed - a plea and a question at the same time.


Author's Response: Thanks. Voiced consent is usually a trip up for me, but this is one instance where it felt right. \'Cause there\'s sooooo many things that could go wrong with this...

2013.03.20 - 12:29PM
20: Trekka

I really like that idea of a child being influenced by a watch... And the Doctor at the end - still push, push, pushing Rose away. Not unkind, but still a stiffness to him. I like that. Stalwart, rather than crying as seems to happen these days.

Author's Response: Heh. I try to use tears very sparingly. That way they actually mean something. And Ten always struck me as the sort to clam up rather than share his pain. He had to be coaxed into talking, and was very careful about when and how he did it.

2013.03.19 - 12:25PM
19: The Space Jumper

Some good characterizations here. This is a very interesting story - more like a series of stories than a straight narrative.

Author's Response: Yeah... for some reason, I\'ve found for the first time, I\'m seeming to do better (and by that, I mean get more done) with the stories that change setting often. Glad it works for readers, too. :)

2013.03.19 - 12:33AM
23: The Situation

This has really gripped me. I'd love to beta this for you, but I don't have the extensive back knowledge you're looking for. If you can settle for someone who can do general beta reading for grammar, continuity, flow, etc. then let me know.

Author's Response: I\'ll PM you. :)