2014.02.27 - 07:34PM
1: Chapter 1

Please add more Nosy stories, they're so perfect and the Torchwood team does deserve something cute and loving in their lives. I keep picturing something out of Jim Hensen's workshops, sort of Muppets do Torchwood visual. Does that count as a prompt - Muppet/Torchwood crossover?

Author's Response: Hmmmm, Torchwood muppets... I see Gwen as Miss Piggy and Owen as Kermit... We\'re Muppets! Lol! I\'ll have to think on that idea, there\'s potential for more than one take, Torchwood AS Muppets, Torchwood MEET Muppets... I really must add the rest of the Nosy-Verse fics to this site, I\'ll try to get one up today, there are at least 4 that haven\'t been posted here yet. Glad you like Nosy so much =) Thank you.

2012.12.25 - 11:14PM
1: Chapter 1

Oh, that poor Fluff! (giggles helplessly) And Owen Harper, you big softie! And of course the guests were charmed by Nosy, how could they help but be charmed by such an adorable Fluff?

Author's Response: Fluffs are very charming, lol! No one is immune to their fluffiness. Nosy is very curious, which can lead to predicaments. It\'s also very trusting of its friends, so it was happy with the antlers at first... It\'s made of tough stuff though, despite the fluffy exterior, so no real harm was done. Owen has a soft spot for Nosy and anyway, they\'re kindred spirits in their love of twiglets! Thank you for your review, I hope you had a very merry Christmas! (and I promise to get the rest of the completed Nosy-Verse fics posted here sometime next year. I keep forgetting!