2013.07.15 - 02:07PM
1: Prologue

This is lovely! I do hope you intend to update soon - the story premise is very good. I love your characterizations.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. Most of it is finished but, I haven\'t edited it. Daniel got in the way :)

2013.05.12 - 11:43PM
1: Prologue

Is this you bringing this over from fan fic.net? I started it over there and loved it.

2013.04.13 - 11:26PM
1: Prologue

How did I miss this gem? I know this story will be as interesting and nuanced as Broken.

2012.12.08 - 09:43AM
4: Chapter 3

You have the start of a great story here. I've greatly enjoyed the groundwork so far. Really looking forward to reading how the rescue goes. You do a great job with character development, and providing great story depth. Love it and look forward to reading more. :)