Reviews For I Bloody Love You

2020.07.17 - 12:45PM
1: Prologue

Oh brilliant. They're having so much fun, and they're so good for each other.

2012.10.28 - 10:11AM
2: Chapter 1

I think this is a great start!!! :) I love Rose as well, but there's nothing wrong with seeing another idea take shape. That's the whole point of fan fiction, in my opinion. Going place the show couldn't/wouldn't/didn't go for it! Excited for more! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yeah, to be honest, this was a difficult one to write. Mainly because I\'m not used to writing Nine or Donna at all. It\'s usually TenToo/Rose or Ten/Rose. I\'m not sure when I\'d post another section but I wanted to keep it open because I\'d love to revisit it, when real-life permits :)