2006.03.30 - 09:28AM
1: Echoes through time

Anyone that has travelled Europe and taken the time to visit the war memorials large and small can begin to understand how the land and people were ravaged.

From the military cemeteries all uniform and in white rows—soldiers buried far far from home, to the small Italian villages where names were engraved on a wall- sometimes 3 or 4 from the same family- sacrificed - gone, their timelines severed... it makes one stop and think. Will humans ever evolve beyond the killing? What other animals kill each other by the 100s of thousands?

Sorry for the long blather... that is not a review! But your story made me think- remember, it is full of humanity and noble like our good Doctor. Keep up the good work, write from the heart and from your experience, it is always the best.

2005.11.11 - 09:44PM
1: Echoes through time

that was wonderful, I've got tears.

2005.11.11 - 06:42PM
1: Echoes through time

That was really special. Thank you.