2016.02.04 - 09:50AM
35: Found and Lost

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also, for a medical tidbit in chapter 35: superficial head wounds bleed a lot more and look a lot worse than they are, and in fact applying direct pressure too hard will cause problems. martha might know this if she's learned about trauma in her pre med training, but maybe not yet idk. also if it's just a cut she might not be swaying from just that yet! i realize the story is several years old now, but it's something i noticed.

again, thanks for writing this!! i can't wait to finish, but i also really don't want it to be over lol.

2014.10.18 - 11:55AM
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Author's Response: There\'s more already :D Go look on my profile!!

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75: Days to Come

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Author's Response: Thank you!!

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75: Days to Come

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Author's Response: I didn\'t originally intend to but when I realizing having Rose\'s return to Torchwood in this story wouldn\'t fit and would spoil events in the other story, I decided I needed something new. This fit.
Thank you ^^

2014.06.28 - 03:51AM
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Author's Response: Hey, and while you do, see if you can\'t catch any foreshadowing I did way back when.

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Author's Response: SUMMER BREAK! NO HOMEWORK! :D

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I loved the way you wrapped up this story with Time Crash, and the Doctor's little speech to Rose at the end was thoroughly heart-melting. Beautiful work!

Author's Response: :D thankies!
omfg right?? I didn\'t plan that. The Doctor did that on his own.

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Author's Response: There will be!! Keep an eye out!

Author's Response: Blimey, you\'ve been here since the beginning though, haven\'t you?

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75: Days to Come

Congratulations on a great story. I liked that you included Time Crash even though I have become somewhat jaded towards that short...something about the writer and the insistence on paradoxes..but I like Five lots and enjoyed seeing him.

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I'm still chuckling over how long it took Fivey to catch on that he was talking to himself. In between squeeing over the Doctor's speech/explanation to Rose near the end, naturally.

Author's Response: Yeah, you\'ve been here from almost the beginning. Glad you stuck with it ^-^

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Author's Response: There will be

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Author's Response: They were short on time and, really, there was no need to correct him about the marriage thing.
Torchwood is most likely next.
Donna comes later but yiss.


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75: Days to Come

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Author's Response: :D Thank you!!

2014.06.22 - 02:13AM
74: New Moon

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Author's Response: Well, if that\'s how you feel.
The next chapter is the last. But take a look at this here