2014.05.30 - 07:03PM
389: Welcoming Visitors - Sequel to ‘Ideas & Invites’

Donna and Jack together in the same room; the Torchwood hub may never be the same. This would be good.

Author's Response: LOL! Add in John Hart and there could be fireworks... We\'ll see, not quite sure what will happen when I start typing, this series keeps on surprising me! I have the next three parts written, I\'m thinking maybe three more after that... but I though that before I wrote the last two and they turned out to be an interlude with Jack & Ten because there were things needing to be said before I could get to figuring out what to do with Hart. This is the last time I post something that\'s not complete. (Well, until the next time a prompt takes over my brain and I find myself scrambling to keep up!) Thank you!