2014.05.28 - 07:53PM
387: Booted - Sequel to ‘Options’

This is interesting, you're developing an ongoing plot with these drabbles. Bringing in John does bring up the tension a lot. All I'm going to say is that he had better not hurt Nosy. I bet Nosy's reaction to him will be telling.

Author's Response: Ah, this one\'s not in the Nosy-Verse because I actually have a very different idea for when John Hart meets Nosy, or vice versa, which has been lurking in my head for well over a year and will, one day, get written. Hart just slipped into this by accident. None of this fic has been planned out, it was just going to be two or three drabbles for the Drone propmt but it just kept exanding. I was caught flatfooted, normally I finish writing something before I post it, so this is unprecedented. Most of the way through this, I\'ve had no idea what would happen in the next part until I actually wrote it. Now I\'m getting down towards the end, I sort of know where I\'m going, but it\'s going to open up a lot of possibilities for future fics featuring John Hart. He wasn\'t even supposed to be in this, he just crept in and started demanding attention o_O He\'s like that, really pushy!