2014.04.26 - 06:47PM
351: Gone Fishing

Alien data disks - any chance they are somebody from the future's music collection that they tossed out? Maybe Jack would even recognize some of the music. Or it could be really weird and have records of Beatles music from Earths future that got lost through time through the Rift.

Author's Response: *grins* Maybe there are some future \'tv\' shows as well. Or it could be the future version of one of those tv talent shows, lol! Or someone\'s library, novels and poetry published on data discs or brought online and saved to the discs to be played as a readable hologram. So many possibilities. They could even be the alien version of love letters, with words, sounds and even emotions stored to be played back. Or alien recipes. Or photograph albums... I love that literally ANYTHING can come through the Rift, it allows the imagination to run free.

Author's Response: Thank you!