2014.03.20 - 04:47PM
313: Leprechaun Logic

OK, that was funny . . Welsh Lepricauns /snort/ These always make me smile when I'm having a tough day at work. I wonder what would happen if something came through the Rift that required a strong background of Welsh mythology to understand? Or what would happen if Nosy went for some coffee but didn't realize it was spiked with whiskey until too late?

Author's Response: I don\'t know much about Welsh Mythology, I really should do something about that but I\'m already swamped with things I want to do so I really don\'t have time to study that. I\'m sure Ianto would know what to do with anything mythological though. He knows everything. Heh, maybe Nosy steals an Irish Coffee left unattended. It\'s been drunk before on alien wine, but it hasn\'t got into any spirits. Yet. It always makes me happy to know I\'ve brightened someone\'s day a bit. That\'s one of the best incentives to keep writing the fluffy, funny stuff. Thank you, glad you liked this one, it was great fun to write!