2014.03.16 - 12:25PM
309: Instant Coffee Blues

Ah, Torchwood and coffee - an endless source of inspiration. I like that extra fact about fluffs, that caffeine is part of their reproduction cycle. Does it come in the form of coffee beans, or part of some natural growing herb? I bet Nosy I'd one heck of a chocolate sneak as well.

Did you ever get my emails?

Author's Response: Definitely a good prompt this week, I managed 8 drabbles for it! Just posted the last one. I think on Nosy\'s home planet, probably some of the plants have caffeine in them, perhaps Fluffs eat more of those plants when they want to sprout a new Fluff! So far, I don\'t think Nosy has discovered chpcoalate but I bet it\'ll cause problems when it does. No, I haven\'t had any emails from you. Hmmmm, not sure what I can do about that. Teaspoon has my correct email address, I get their notifications. I don\'t think anyone else can see my replies to you, so email jeancmills@talktalk.net