2014.03.06 - 12:04PM
298: After Hours Visit

That's cute! Although I don't see why Jack would have a problem paying even a large library fine - maybe it's a point of pride? I wonder if anything more happens in the library, seeing as how they are one of Ianto's favorite places.

Would you mind if I contacted you, since we aren't supposed to use reviews for chatting? I started reading the first Nosy story to my wife and she likes it.

Author's Response: I think it\'s a matter of principle for Jack, he just objects to being expected to pay fines, lol! I\'m sure lots of things happen in libraries, I\'m trying to think of a few more since we haven\'t got a new prompt on tw100 yet, so it looks like I\'ll be running with the current one until early next week. Feel free to contact me, I\'m glad to hear your wife is enjoying Nosy too =)