2014.02.24 - 04:28PM
1: Ianto Puts His Foot Down

You. Are. Absolutely. Brilliant. I just read every single Torchwood Drabble today, and your Nosy-verse stories. Seriously, Nosy should have been TV series cannon. Those Torchwood drabbles are like literary crack dusted pocorn. Story Haiku's. 12 days of Riftmas -oh my God, that was amazing!!!!

Can I offer a drabble prompt? You know the theory that dryers eat odd socks? What if the Rift left somthing recognizable from each person's childhood? Ianto could get back the missing sock from the pair his aunt knitted for him, Jack could find a favorite childhood shirt, something embarressingly sentamental for Owen, ect.

Must have more Torchwood popcorn!

Author's Response: Wow, that\'s some serious reading you\'ve done there! And I must apologise, because I still haven\'t posted all the Nosy-verse stories that have been written to this site, I really must get around to that. I\'m also still writing them, among other things, in between drabbling like mad. Thank you, I\'m so pleased you\'ve enjoyed what you\'ve read. The Twelve Days of Riftmas was a blast to write, even though writing it was a spur-of-the-moment decision when I only had an idea for the first part. Of course you may offer a prompt - or a dozen if you want! I\'m always open to more as I\'m trying to post at least 250 this year. I\'ve added your prompt to my prompts list, I love it, great idea! I can\'t say when it will get written, but it definitely will at some point. Ideas take a while to brew in my brain. I look through my prompts daily and try to write at least two a day, but I never know in advance which will trigger an idea. At present I have about 80 or so waiting for posting, so there should hopefully continue to be one a day for quite some time, except for thee days when I post a fic instead, lol! Thank you very much and feel free to leave any other prompts you might come up with - the more the merrier!