2014.04.26 - 06:47PM
351: Gone Fishing

Alien data disks - any chance they are somebody from the future's music collection that they tossed out? Maybe Jack would even recognize some of the music. Or it could be really weird and have records of Beatles music from Earths future that got lost through time through the Rift.

Author's Response: *grins* Maybe there are some future \'tv\' shows as well. Or it could be the future version of one of those tv talent shows, lol! Or someone\'s library, novels and poetry published on data discs or brought online and saved to the discs to be played as a readable hologram. So many possibilities. They could even be the alien version of love letters, with words, sounds and even emotions stored to be played back. Or alien recipes. Or photograph albums... I love that literally ANYTHING can come through the Rift, it allows the imagination to run free.

Author's Response: Thank you!

2014.04.22 - 05:10PM
344: Blossom Time

Oh my God, spring allergies! The trees are having sex, and my immune system does not approve. Tosh has my full sympathies.

Author's Response: LOL! What a great way of putting it! Yes, I foisted my own allergies off on poor Tosh, so I know how she feels. I\'m on antihistamines all year round. I have yet to discover a kind of pollen I\'m NOT allergic to o_O Thank you, I hope you\'re not suffering too much. It really can be awful.

2014.04.07 - 05:03PM
330: Snickered

This one really had me giggling, fantastic Drabble!!

Author's Response: *grins* Thank you! I get inspiration from the oddest things sometimes, lol! Glad you liked it!

2014.04.06 - 06:24AM
328: Aftereffects

Hey, I can't find the chapter you called Weired Awakening for the Jianto Ferrets, did it only gt posted on the other fanfic site? Great work by the way!!

Author's Response: No, it\'s on here, Chapter 274, posted way back in February. All the other ferret drabbles were later additions when I decided to fill in the backstory. My brain doesn\'t always work in a linear fashion, lol! Glad you liked it! Thank you =)

2014.03.29 - 12:09PM
322: Goodnight Sweet Ferret – Sequel to ‘Ferreting About’

Ferrets. Really, ferrets? I wonder what Nosy would have thought of all this. Cute!

Author's Response: What can I say, I like ferrets! Can\'t decide if this should be in the Nosy-Verse, but I think not because Nosy would have noticed and been involved. Maybe I\'ll do something else another time with ferrets in the Nosy-Verse, Lol! Thank you!

2014.03.23 - 08:55PM
316: Reclaiming Property - Sequel to ‘Lost Property’

And again, that made me laugh out loud coming in to work on a weekend! Only Ianto could get away with convincing a Leprechaun to do paperwork so smoothly!

Author's Response: *grins* Thank you! It just seemed like something Ianto would do. Keeping proper records is important to him ;)

2014.03.20 - 04:47PM
313: Leprechaun Logic

OK, that was funny . . Welsh Lepricauns /snort/ These always make me smile when I'm having a tough day at work. I wonder what would happen if something came through the Rift that required a strong background of Welsh mythology to understand? Or what would happen if Nosy went for some coffee but didn't realize it was spiked with whiskey until too late?

Author's Response: I don\'t know much about Welsh Mythology, I really should do something about that but I\'m already swamped with things I want to do so I really don\'t have time to study that. I\'m sure Ianto would know what to do with anything mythological though. He knows everything. Heh, maybe Nosy steals an Irish Coffee left unattended. It\'s been drunk before on alien wine, but it hasn\'t got into any spirits. Yet. It always makes me happy to know I\'ve brightened someone\'s day a bit. That\'s one of the best incentives to keep writing the fluffy, funny stuff. Thank you, glad you liked this one, it was great fun to write!

2014.03.16 - 12:25PM
309: Instant Coffee Blues

Ah, Torchwood and coffee - an endless source of inspiration. I like that extra fact about fluffs, that caffeine is part of their reproduction cycle. Does it come in the form of coffee beans, or part of some natural growing herb? I bet Nosy I'd one heck of a chocolate sneak as well.

Did you ever get my emails?

Author's Response: Definitely a good prompt this week, I managed 8 drabbles for it! Just posted the last one. I think on Nosy\'s home planet, probably some of the plants have caffeine in them, perhaps Fluffs eat more of those plants when they want to sprout a new Fluff! So far, I don\'t think Nosy has discovered chpcoalate but I bet it\'ll cause problems when it does. No, I haven\'t had any emails from you. Hmmmm, not sure what I can do about that. Teaspoon has my correct email address, I get their notifications. I don\'t think anyone else can see my replies to you, so email jeancmills@talktalk.net

2014.03.06 - 12:04PM
298: After Hours Visit

That's cute! Although I don't see why Jack would have a problem paying even a large library fine - maybe it's a point of pride? I wonder if anything more happens in the library, seeing as how they are one of Ianto's favorite places.

Would you mind if I contacted you, since we aren't supposed to use reviews for chatting? I started reading the first Nosy story to my wife and she likes it.

Author's Response: I think it\'s a matter of principle for Jack, he just objects to being expected to pay fines, lol! I\'m sure lots of things happen in libraries, I\'m trying to think of a few more since we haven\'t got a new prompt on tw100 yet, so it looks like I\'ll be running with the current one until early next week. Feel free to contact me, I\'m glad to hear your wife is enjoying Nosy too =)

2014.02.27 - 07:32PM
292: Mislaid

I can't tell you how many times I couldn't find what I needed because it was put away properly. Of course, Ianto can find it - he probably put it there.

Author's Response: More than likely - he\'s the one who tidies up after everybody, he knows where everything and and where it should be. I need a Ianto myself, I\'m forever losing things, some don\'t turn up again for months! Thank you!

2014.02.24 - 04:28PM
1: Ianto Puts His Foot Down

You. Are. Absolutely. Brilliant. I just read every single Torchwood Drabble today, and your Nosy-verse stories. Seriously, Nosy should have been TV series cannon. Those Torchwood drabbles are like literary crack dusted pocorn. Story Haiku's. 12 days of Riftmas -oh my God, that was amazing!!!!

Can I offer a drabble prompt? You know the theory that dryers eat odd socks? What if the Rift left somthing recognizable from each person's childhood? Ianto could get back the missing sock from the pair his aunt knitted for him, Jack could find a favorite childhood shirt, something embarressingly sentamental for Owen, ect.

Must have more Torchwood popcorn!

Author's Response: Wow, that\'s some serious reading you\'ve done there! And I must apologise, because I still haven\'t posted all the Nosy-verse stories that have been written to this site, I really must get around to that. I\'m also still writing them, among other things, in between drabbling like mad. Thank you, I\'m so pleased you\'ve enjoyed what you\'ve read. The Twelve Days of Riftmas was a blast to write, even though writing it was a spur-of-the-moment decision when I only had an idea for the first part. Of course you may offer a prompt - or a dozen if you want! I\'m always open to more as I\'m trying to post at least 250 this year. I\'ve added your prompt to my prompts list, I love it, great idea! I can\'t say when it will get written, but it definitely will at some point. Ideas take a while to brew in my brain. I look through my prompts daily and try to write at least two a day, but I never know in advance which will trigger an idea. At present I have about 80 or so waiting for posting, so there should hopefully continue to be one a day for quite some time, except for thee days when I post a fic instead, lol! Thank you very much and feel free to leave any other prompts you might come up with - the more the merrier!

2014.02.13 - 12:47PM
279: Workplace Tension

(groan) I would have had to join Tosh and Ianto (or Jack in his office).

Author's Response: Well, Jack\'s not there (it\'s set after End of Days) which is half the problem. They probably started off arguing over who was the leader in Jack\'s absence, then it devolved into a slanging match, lol! You\'ll be very welcome in the archives with Tosh and Ianto, as long as you don\'t start fiddling with anything. I believe they have coffee and snacks down there for emergencies! Thank you.

Author's Response: Well, Jack\'s not there (it\'s set after End of Days) which is half the problem. They probably started off arguing over who was the leader in Jack\'s absence, then it devolved into a slanging match, lol! You\'ll be very welcome in the archives with Tosh and Ianto, as long as you don\'t start fiddling with anything. I believe they have coffee and snacks down there for emergencies! Thank you.

2013.08.27 - 11:32AM
145: Captain Fluff Saves The World

I have decided I want Jianto fluff BUT with a certain fluffy things getting in the way :)

Author's Response: LOL! I think I can work with that! It might take me a little while because of life and other annoying things getting in the way, but it will definitely get written. (I still owe drabbles for the 500th and 600th reviews on ff.net and it\'s about to hit 700 reviews there!)

2013.08.22 - 03:09PM
141: Red

I have been reading these for a while now and they are so so awesome :)

Author's Response: Thank you, I\'m glad you like them. Do you know you are the first person to review these drabbles here on Teaspoon? I think that deserves a prize - prompt me and I\'ll write you a drabble!