2018.10.27 - 11:31PM
1450: A Slight Snag

Well, that's when it's time for a second SUV.

Author's Response: Definitely time to add another vehicle. Thankfully Mickey has a nice van... Thank you!

2017.12.28 - 04:11PM
839: I Spy…

See, now I'm imagining a Rose Tyler accidentally seeing him during one of her many trips with the Dimension Cannon during S4 of Doctor Who.

Author's Response: Heehee! I guess it could have been Rose... Thank you!

2017.12.26 - 03:27AM
240: The Twelfth Day…

Have to admit when I clicked this, I half thought Torchwood would end up with Twelve Doctors on their doorstep. But a steel drum band playing Caribbean music isn't bad at all. The Caribbean sounds good to me right about now.

Author's Response: I think I wrote this before there were twelve Doctors... Not sure though. I had a lot of fun coming up with ideas for the twelve days. A bit of a Caribbean flavour in the depths of winter is no bad thing! Thank you!

2017.11.10 - 05:13PM
1294: Confusing Creature

:) its a pushme-pullyou!!! They love to dance you know!!!

Author's Response: Yes it is! And they're quite nifty dancers, as I'm sure Owen will discover as he studies it ;) Thank you!

2015.06.03 - 05:35PM
759: Sardines

An idea: A daytrip maybe?

Author's Response: Could be! Maybe the Rift is quiet so they're all going on a picnic =) Thank you!

2014.09.25 - 06:42PM
512: An Unwelcome Sight

No, I suppose baby weevils don't like to be bathed. Which is a shame, because I think a lot of people of all various genders and orientations wouldn't mind sharing a bath with Jack and Ianto.

Author's Response: Baby Weevils are generally not very nice to be around. They\'re very aggressive and bad tempered. I think there was less bathing going on than chasing Weevilets through the Hub and getting shredded lol! Thank you!

2014.09.21 - 04:43PM
508: The Waist Land

Keeping up with Jack in bed definitely counts as an intense workout!

Author's Response: It does them both good and it\'s fun too, they win either way! Thank you!

2014.09.03 - 01:22PM
490: Bond In Cardiff

That was awesome!! Quick question: what bond was it? Cause all I could hear in my head was Sean Connery. ;)

Author's Response: Connery is \'My\' Bond (and I suspect also Ianto\'s), so I tried to write him that way, glad it came across right! Thank you!

2014.08.10 - 06:11PM
466: Personal Grooming

Well, that made me laugh. Torchwood is going to have the best groomed fluff in the galaxy by the time Ianto is done with him.

Author's Response: Ianto is always looking for ways to lighten his workload - delegating is the key to keeping things running smoothly, so if Nosy can groom itself, that\'ll be a big help. Buying it a small vacuum cleaner for its own use is a small price to pay! Thank you!

2014.06.30 - 06:10PM
421: Zoo Or False? – Sequel to ‘Disaster Averted’

Wait, you mean wallabys aren't alien?

Author's Response: Ummm not all of them? LOL!

2014.06.17 - 12:06AM
408: Coming Back

Yes, waking up to a loved one can make anything worthwhile. For Jack especially it must be worth everything to come back to someone who cares so much about him

Author's Response: I\'m sure it does. He\'s had to wake up alone so many times that coming back held in loving arms must be a tremendous comfort! Thank you!

2014.05.30 - 07:03PM
389: Welcoming Visitors - Sequel to ‘Ideas & Invites’

Donna and Jack together in the same room; the Torchwood hub may never be the same. This would be good.

Author's Response: LOL! Add in John Hart and there could be fireworks... We\'ll see, not quite sure what will happen when I start typing, this series keeps on surprising me! I have the next three parts written, I\'m thinking maybe three more after that... but I though that before I wrote the last two and they turned out to be an interlude with Jack & Ten because there were things needing to be said before I could get to figuring out what to do with Hart. This is the last time I post something that\'s not complete. (Well, until the next time a prompt takes over my brain and I find myself scrambling to keep up!) Thank you!

2014.05.28 - 07:53PM
387: Booted - Sequel to ‘Options’

This is interesting, you're developing an ongoing plot with these drabbles. Bringing in John does bring up the tension a lot. All I'm going to say is that he had better not hurt Nosy. I bet Nosy's reaction to him will be telling.

Author's Response: Ah, this one\'s not in the Nosy-Verse because I actually have a very different idea for when John Hart meets Nosy, or vice versa, which has been lurking in my head for well over a year and will, one day, get written. Hart just slipped into this by accident. None of this fic has been planned out, it was just going to be two or three drabbles for the Drone propmt but it just kept exanding. I was caught flatfooted, normally I finish writing something before I post it, so this is unprecedented. Most of the way through this, I\'ve had no idea what would happen in the next part until I actually wrote it. Now I\'m getting down towards the end, I sort of know where I\'m going, but it\'s going to open up a lot of possibilities for future fics featuring John Hart. He wasn\'t even supposed to be in this, he just crept in and started demanding attention o_O He\'s like that, really pushy!

2014.05.15 - 09:55PM
374: First Test – Sequel to ‘New Toy’

Yeah, they should have seen that coming. Myfwny probably likes her new toy and thinks it's great they found something she can play with.

Author's Response: Yeah, the team REALLY screwed up that time, lol! Ianto had a job persuading her to give it up, but they need it back, lol! Thank you!

2014.05.09 - 10:29PM
368: Befriended

That's a good point, Myfwny would be lonely too, lost in time. Another good one. She really is Ianto's pet dog, isn't she?

Author's Response: She is, and he\'s kind of her pet too. She loves him because he gave her nice food, but she worries for him too, she senses his sadness. Thank you!