Reviews For The War Inside

2020.02.29 - 11:22PM
4: Chapter 4

Wow! Very deep and so well done. :>)

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm so happy that you like it. It's so nice to get a review from you. It means a lot to me.

2013.05.08 - 12:58AM
30: Chapter 30

After I read your latest story, I went to your profile and started reading your old ones, just to know what kind of author are you, and I like it! For me, a big part of the appealing of The Doctor's character is the darkness within. I believe is one of the few characters that truly understands the concept of "for the greater good" and all the sacrifices of doing it, even become what he is fighting against. Canon has to make him a true hero, maybe falling once or twice into the abyss, but fan fiction can explore that dark path of his, we can see how far he can go and you do that on a wonderful way. Because of that, I thank you. PD: Sorry for the bad writing, english it's not my first language.

Author's Response: WOW! Thank you so very much! This means so much to me! I\'m speechless! I\'ve never had a better compliment! I am going to write a sequel to \"The War Inside\", but right now I\'m working on my current story. I\'ve been drawn to the \"what if\'\'s\" of the Doctor\'s darker side and that\'s what inspires me to write what I do. But compliments from wonderful people like you is what keeps me going. :)

2013.02.12 - 01:10AM
29: Chapter 29

I hope this isn't a mistake...if anything were to happen and the Doctor lost control i hate to think what the alternate would do to Jack and what it would do to the Doctor.

Author's Response: Jack and the Doctor are about to go on a pleasant holiday that should be the break that they need to relax and unwind. I can tell you that I am thinking of writing a sequel to this story. I have a few ideas kicking around in my head that could be very interesting. I liked writing this story way too much to just let it end. So, just one more chapter left and then I\'ll be working on a few other story ideas next. I can\'t wait!

2013.02.08 - 03:13PM
28: Chapter 28


Author's Response: Thanks! At least the Doctor and Jack can finally unwind and relax after everything that\'s happened.

2013.02.03 - 02:11AM
27: Chapter 27

Poor Doctor....too afraid to sleep, as if he doesn't have enough nightmares.

Author's Response: Unfortunately he needs to get lots of sleep and rest to heal but at least Martha has devised a way to do that so he doesn\'t have to dream. She feels pretty guilty having to force him to sleep but there\'s no alternative right now. He\'s barely woken up from the traumatic experience in his subconscious mind and it\'s going to take him a while to get better.

2013.01.29 - 05:50AM
26: Chapter 26

That was an unexpected turnaruond, but then, since this is the Doctor

it should have been expected! :)

Author's Response: Yeah, I didn\'t want anyone to have to permanently kill the Doctor. That would have been too depressing. Poor Jack probably would have died if he had to do it. Thankfully, the Doctor is back. :)

2013.01.28 - 05:20PM
26: Chapter 26

Oh good, he finally harnessed that rage to find the strength to fight back.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Yes he did! The Doctor is back and stronger than ever! :)

2013.01.22 - 03:15PM
25: Chapter 25

Poor Jack will have to kill him now.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Yay! Any more bad news would totally destroy Jack. That\'s the thing, can Jack kill the man he loves even though he\'s technically dead and the alter survives? We\'ll have to wait and see.

2012.12.25 - 05:01PM
20: Chapter 20

I would agree with Ianto but not for the same reasons.

Author's Response: I think that Ianto\'s just feeling very stressed and high strung from the ordeal. He wants to protect everyone from the alter because he doesn\'t want it to become the same type of situation like when Lisa was a Cyberwoman and nearly killed the team. He knows that Jack would probably hesitate if he had to kill the Doctor so he would do it for him, and he almost did, if the Doctor wouldn\'t have stopped him and locked him up.

2012.12.18 - 08:34AM
18: Chapter 18

Jack should have let the Doctor take his own life....locking him up is worse.

Author's Response: Unless they can come up with a way to defeat the alter the Doctor will continue to sufffer. Jack probably should have just let him end it, but I think that he\'s still hanging onto whatever shred of hope he has left that things will work out. They\'re going to have to come up with a plan soon though because the Doctor obviously can\'t take too much more of this.

2012.11.24 - 10:34PM
15: Chapter 15

I don't know why more people haven't found this story. It's so excellent, but sad. The Alter is a real sick fuck. Jack actually had the right idea. The alter might go away if the Doctor regenerates. I know all their hearts are broken and if the Alter doesn't leave, they have no choice.

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks! The alter is really twisted and freaky which makes him totally unpredictable. They do have a few options that they could try to help the Doctor but they are pretty drastic and there\'s no guarantee that they will work. I think that Martha and the others will consider regeneration only as a last resort.

2012.11.24 - 07:34AM
15: Chapter 15

This wont stop until euther the dark Doctor wins or they find a cure.

Author's Response: Jack and the team are definitely going to have a fight on their hands because the Doctor\'s alternate personality will do anything to get revenge, even at the cost of the Doctor himself. They\'re going to have to be very vigilant and careful.

2012.11.19 - 02:16AM
14: Chapter 14

His darkside is having a ball....if only the others could see what the Doctor is seeing.

Author's Response: His darkside is loving it! He wants Jack to suffer greatly for what he did to him. If the others could see what the Doctor is seeing I think they\'d be even more concerned about the Doctor\'s sanity. They know that he\'s been getting worse since he killed Jack but they don\'t really know just how bad things are. They\'d be feeling pretty disturbed and freaked out by what happened especially because there\'s no way to stop it from happening.

2012.11.18 - 09:31PM
14: Chapter 14

Well-written, horrifying chapter. You describe the mayhem way too well. Chilling and heartbreaking.

Author's Response: I wanted to try and make it as freaky as possible. I didn\'t want to shy away from how vivid and creepy the other could be. The Doctor is definitely feeling terrified and helpless against the other.

2012.11.11 - 03:47PM
12: Chapter 12

It's so true what Ianto said to Jack about the Doctor. Now if only the false memory can be repaired.... Good ol' Gwen, always the source of reason

Author's Response: I think Ianto\'s just being realistic and Jack\'s partly in denial about the whole situation. He\'s kind of blinded by his love of the Doctor. Ianto\'s not trying to be harsh he just wants Jack to face the possibility that things might get out of control. Gwen does have a good point. She always seems know just what to say to make people feel better.