Reviews For Phone Tag

2015.02.09 - 04:04AM
1: Chapter 1

Hahahahaha! *laughs hysterically* that's hilarious! Haha! The Weeping Angels seriously creep me out! I'd be screaming if I saw one of those! I get nervous seeing a statue now a days thanks to them... ;)

Good stuff :D

Author's Response: Thanks. I\'m glad you like it! I know what you mean. Since they\'ve been on the show every time I see any kind of angel statue I get kind of freaked out!

2012.09.10 - 04:06AM
1: Chapter 1

Oh you have just got to follow up on this! Jack and the doctor will have to go domestic! Should make for some really great humor!

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m so happy that you liked it! That would be cool but I can\'t think of any ideas right now. I\'m too preoccupied with another story that I\'m writing. This other story has practically taken over every spare moment of my life right now. Fortunately, I will be posting it soon so it can quit taking over my life. I\'ve got a list of like 6 stories that I want to work on. I\'ll keep your idea in mind though. Thanks!

2012.09.08 - 12:50PM
1: Chapter 1

Liked this, lol. Now are they both going to have to 'live' until they are back in the right time period and they can catch up with their lives again?

Author's Response: I\'m a huge fan of your stories. I\'m amazed that you liked something that I wrote. Thank you so much! It depends on whether or not Jack\'s vortex manipulator still works or not. I\'m thinking it\'s probably broken from the fall. Hahaha. They\'re stuck together. For a long, long, long, long, time.